Take-Two’s CEO says the GTA series can last as long as James Bond

Strauss Zelnick explains how the publisher is attempting to create enduring franchises…

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Fntastic984d ago

Not with half assed remasters it won't

roadkillers983d ago

I'm enjoying the remaster, but that's because the foundation was built so well with the originals. Glad some people get to experience the trilogy like they originally were, but yeah not much effort put into it.

Tacoboto983d ago

A half-assed remaster of games from 15-20 years ago is totally a bigger deal than the 155 million copies of GTA V sold... really?

Tens of millions of people playing GTA Online weren't even born when these games were first released.

bloop983d ago

Maybe everyone's reading the situation with the definitive editions as a sign of things to come? They're clearly not the same company they were even 10 years ago. It's all about the money for R* now, and it seems they'll put out any old shyte to make a quick buck now.

MadLad982d ago

I remember not constantly feeling I had to bash Rockstar on most of the information that comes back at them on a regular basis.

Re-re-reselling GTA5.
Half assed remasters that make the game worse in just as many ways as it does better, sold at a premium.
Providing no extra single player content to GTA, most likely due to printing money on whales via shark cards.
Can't seem to go one year without their mandatory servers going to s**t.

I'm not giving them kudos for being so successful that they almost can't fail. If I can name several things that make them a worse company than they ever have been, and the best thing to combat that is they're successful, it still just means they sucks. It also means the general population also sucks.


Tacoboto982d ago

Yep, that "but" is a big one that requires its own seat.

lelo2play983d ago

The last Bond movie was crap... I hope the GTA series doesn't follow that trend.

TheGreatDane984d ago

Do James Bond take over 10 years between releases?

JackBNimble983d ago

It hasn't been 10 years since the last GTA

LucasRuinedChildhood983d ago

True, but it has already been more than 8 years and if the rumours of them recently restarting development on GTA6 are true, it will launch more than 10 years after GTA5.

Melankolis982d ago

haha it will be, maybe even more

porkChop983d ago

I believe the longest was a little over 6 years.

Nacho_Z983d ago

If it was like Bond we'd have got to Diamonds are Forever and not bothered making any more.

Aussiesummer983d ago

Does he mean gtav can last that long cause he is pretty much right.
Make a new game already.

CrimsonWing69983d ago

Yea but here’s the difference, they don’t freaking release the same fu**ing bond movie every time! They actually make sequels.

roadkillers983d ago

Look, your whining about this... but we are in the golden times of James Bond Films. The films have not always been as good as they are now. GTA has never had a terrible game, as a matter of fact, GTA5 is still untouched in terms of quality. When there is no competition, it doesn't get better.

BongSmack983d ago

Not totally sure what your point is, but.... "Untouched in... quality" did you play GTA 1 and 2? Boring!

giveyerheadawobble983d ago (Edited 983d ago )

I find it astonishing that you got as many disagrees, but thats par for the course for this website. You are indeed correct that GTA has never had a bad game. In fact, it can be argued that Rockstar has never produced a bad game, and sitting right at the top is GTAV. How this can be argued with is beyond me. There is a reason why it has stayed the course of the better part of a decade. When Rockstar know they can top it, they'll release the next one. I'd rather they did that than become the next Ubishite.


You're seriously moaning about the very first game that came out in 1997 and were limited by hardware? I distinctly remember those games being fucking ace BTW. Then again, you were probably in Pampers. Body Harvest is the true precursor to GTA, and that game was brilliant, yet flawed.

roadkillers982d ago


Exactly. I'll admit that I enjoyed Driver and Driver 2 vs GTA and GTA2. That was because of the perspective, but these franchises went in two entirely different paths

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