GTA Trilogy Unplayable for Some As Rockstar Games Launcher Goes Down

The GTA Trilogy has been rendered unplayable for some players due to an outage with the Rockstar Games Launcher and its online services.

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Magog194d ago

Growing pains but there is no good reason devs should have to give Valve a huge cut of profits just to sell their game on PC.

Profchaos194d ago

Yeah 30% is giant regardless of size

Neonridr194d ago

considering we have Epic, Ubisoft, EA, Steam, Windows, Blizzard all with their own launchers you can't really complain because there's one more tossed in the pile. Way of the PC it seems.

Father__Merrin194d ago

Misleading title. Its gta trilogy remastered on PC that has been pulled

Neonridr194d ago

nothing's been pulled. The launcher went down due to maintenance or whatever, which means there was no way to launch the game.

Ryushaa194d ago

Wut??? You are telling me that an Online DRM is preventing legit buyers from playing? Noooo.

ScootaKuH194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

Was going to buy this but I hear it has some pretty bad performance issues on PS5 and until it's fixed I won't be throwing money at it

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