10 Reasons Why 'Grand Theft Auto IV' Is Better than 'V'

Grand Theft Auto IV is still so good today that, quite frankly, it doesn’t need a remaster. Not for a long time anyway.

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PhillyDillyDee68d ago

I will say i found the driving physics more realistic. All the cars felt quite different to drive and so picking the right car was important.

RedDeadLB68d ago

Shooting was clunkier than it is in GTAV though, but overall I love GTA4 much much more. I liked the driving, physics, atmosphere, and story more than I did GTAV's. Driving felt like I was driving toy cars in 5.

PhillyDillyDee68d ago

I agree. Shooting was the main thing 5 did better.

outsider162468d ago

I like where you had to call in to buy weapons too. A van will be parked in ally way and you buy the illegal weapons rather than go to a store and buy them

isarai68d ago

And that's what bugs me, despite having so much more content, bigger map , more guns and customization options fir everything. GTAV is the one gta i spent the least time with, something about its physics and mechanics just doesn't allow for much of a fun/unique result when just trying to mess around as much as say IV and even SA.

ColtPSSX68d ago

I hated the driving mechanic in gta4.
Yeah more realistic but sometimes realistic isn’t all that great.

jeromeface68d ago

this.. everyone saying the driving was better in 4 clearly hasn't touched 4 in over a decade.

Eamon68d ago

Couldn't disagree more regarding driving. GTA 4's cars were far too heavy. Remember, we're playing a game, not a simulator. GTA 5 found the right balance between realism and fun.

The only thing GTA 4 had better were explosion fx and gun ballistics. And even in the latter, GTA 5's shooting gameplay was still better and less clunkier.

Oh and one more thing, GTA 4's 4-leaf clover is better than all the heists in GTA 5. But overall, mission variety in GTA 5 was far superior. GTA 4 had far too much "Drive to warehouse/building, shoot everyone, drive back to mission character."

DaleCooper68d ago

I liked the driving too. Felt reminiscent of Driver on PS1, which is actually a good thing. The cars have real weight to them. The only thing I didn't like was the motorcycle handling - which was fixed in the DLC.

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giveyerheadawobble68d ago

Driving was heavier. Soft body damage on cars was a bit more noticeable and maybe better on 4. That's about it. V is the superior game in almost every other way, especially the level of detail in the world itself, and importantly, it gets traversing the massive map right in a way that most videogames fail at via how the roads and traffic system are designed. Driving on a motorway in a fast car zipping in and out of traffic never gets old.

F0XH0UND92268d ago

I respectfully disagree. There are numerous videos showing the level of detail, driving mechanics, fighting, physics, lighting, etc that were much better in IV. Not only that, but the story itself was much more grounded and believable. It was just more immersive and fun, IMHO. V definitely has some improvements in certain areas like customization, map size, online, weapons, aiming etc. but even with all that, I still enjoyed IV more.

PrinceAli68d ago

The fact you think the soft body damage on cars was "a bit more noticeable" renders the rest of your p[oint HIGHLY suspect loool, outside of shooting mechanics and improved graphics/lighting brought by the advancements in the RAGE engine in GTA V, GTA IV is by farrrrr a better game

chrisx68d ago

I keep seeing Niko wearing this gloves in screenshots. I never found this gloves. Did anyone have them?

isarai68d ago

No, they were cut from the game. Trust me, there was quite the community trying to find those things 🤣

sourOG68d ago

I threw up in my mouth!

sourOG68d ago

Lmao! I hated gta4. I liked niko and the single character aspect but that’s it.


I agree. Niko is still my favorite GTA protagonist.

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