Gamer Access Episode #8: Does Home Live Up to The Hype?

This weeks podcast is packed with info on:
- Gears of War 3
- Uncharted 2 Teaser and Screen shots
- God of War 3 Gameplay Footage
- This Month's NPD Report
- Home Open Beta
- Sony and Microsoft marketing
- Sony's 5 Unannounced RPGs
- Blockbuster Possibly Coming To PS3
- The Next Metal Gear Solid
- Sony's Marketing Compared to Microsoft's
- Plus MUCH MUCH More


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panasonic233597d ago

a pro sony podcast have fun spin npd numbers ahahahhahahahhaha

PoSTedUP3597d ago

i gave credit to every console's sales man because in reality (not in your fanboy fantasy land) all three console are doing good for the position they are in ok. tell me what you disagree with man and i will get back to you on that in a pm or in this comments section. thanks for listening to our podcast man and i hope you enjoyed it. k pce.

panasonic233597d ago

wow a pro sony podcast trying to spin to make sony look good

PoSTedUP3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

sup man, tell me what you disagree with cause we are gamers that do this podcast because we like gaming and want to give you the hottest news every week. we aren't "pro" anything man we picked out this weeks hottest news and we felt that everything we said had to be said and we stand by that. but thanks for the feedback man we appreciate that even though we disagree with what you think. plus, sony DOES look good right now no matter what you think. thanks for listening in man and i hoped you enjoyed our podcast this week.

Chicken Chaser3597d ago

PoSTedUP contributed to this?

No wonder why everything is Sony related

PoSTedUP3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

if you listen to it you would find that their are two sections, ps3 news and 360 news, it took like 29 mins for the 360 news and 34 mins for the ps3 news. its not my fault sony had more news this week than MS, what would you want me to do? make stuff up? it is what it is man, this podcast doesn't take sides, it gives you whats hot in the industry every week from microsoft's xbox360 and sony's playstaystation3. if thats the way you feel man, w/e i just hope you enjoyed this weeks episode if you even listened to it....

plus dont go by what the list says.. thats just all the main topics that we felt were the hottest ya know, we give you insight and let you know whats good with alot of stuff games related man, check it out.

panasonic233597d ago

hahahahahah omg listen to these prosony they are so mad

Nick2120043597d ago

He has a point. If there is one thing you think was fanboyish go ahead and tell us. I want to see what you have to say.

kewlkat0073597d ago

if this sh!t came out ROBUST but it's not..

As always just like PSN, "WORK IN PROGRESS"

Oh yeah stay away from Chicks with Guys names at the bottom.

Nick2120043597d ago

LOL I know right. I betcha 90% of the chick in Home are really guys. But yea Home is still considered a beta but it is just an Open Beta. They originally had less than 1 million people in Home and now over 4 million went in at the same time. Of course its going to have problem but look for it to be stable and running fine within the next 3 weeks.

FruitySkills3597d ago

I loved the podcast. You guys have been improving a lot from each podcast :P Also, thanks for the shout out! Urrg...I'm going to get a lot of random messages now lol...but w/e...HOME is really great and those who don't like it...well...I don't know what to say...not easy to make everyone happy :) (Most people are happy about HOME though and that's what matters...:P) I think HOME is like the best social networking thing I've ever tried :P (Sorry MySpace...You were the best social networking thing before..Now PlayStation HOME to me is the best :P...) The game I am probably looking forward to the most is....*drum roll*...KILLZONE 2!!!!....cant wait to get my hands on that...Also cant wait for Heavy Rain, God of War 3, Uncharted 2, The Punisher: No Mercy, and many games coming the next couple of months/years...anyways....Keep up the good work!!! Cant wait for your next podcast :P...been dieing to give you guys hits for this podcast :D

PoSTedUP3597d ago

i really appreciate it man and im glad you enjoyed it ; ). we love hearing your opinion on our podcast man and we really take into consideration the advice yall give us on how to improve and what you feel we should be doing differently : ). i liked the first killzone (multilayer was awesome imo, had alot of fun with that) and i think KZ2 will be better in every aspect. if anything KZ2 would be my second most anticipated game right next to, GranTurismo5! : D. but yea man im glad you liked, stay tuned for next weeks show we will try to make it better because their is always room from improvement. peeeeeace out!

Nick2120043597d ago

Thanx for the feedback all the feedback we get helps us improve and provide a better podcast and website for you guys.

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The story is too old to be commented.