Fallout 3 Trophy List Revealed

1 Platinum
2 Gold
10 Silver
38 Bronze

There is no release date yet set for the patch, however since they let this information out, it shouldn't be much longer.

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UNCyrus3599d ago

Now I can finally take this game out of its plastic >.<

Danja3599d ago

same here was waiting on them to implement trophies before I bought the game ^_^

SullyDrake3599d ago

Not for long though, under 10 hours. I gave myself a nice taste and now I'm craving the whole meal.

barom3599d ago

Finals are over this week and I thought I unwrapped my Fallout 3 but now guess I'll just wait a little bit longer then.

xionpunk3599d ago

yep, my last final is this morning. Then I'll have 3 weeks to fully appreciate Fallout :)

Mr_Bun3599d ago

Same here....Actually I opened the plastic wrap and I have been reading the booklet, but I have yet to pop it into the PS3...F'n A!!!

@Capital G

I can't stand that pic

Pennywise3599d ago

Capital G - Get lost. Next achievement news, I want to see you making the same comments. Until then, get back under the bridge.

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legendkilla3599d ago

i'm waiting until this is patched to pick up this game! I hope it's soon

jackhammer843599d ago

same here. once the patch is out, i'll go pick the game up.

Korosuke3599d ago

Yay, we are getting additional situation that would make the game freeze instead of additional 3 contents :)

METtAL-GAMER3599d ago

It's a little late for that isn't it? Maybe now fix the bugs.

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The story is too old to be commented.