Tales of Arise Villains are Well Written and Often Misunderstood

Core Xbox Writes: I have seen a lot of varied opinions and articles about how the antagonists in Tales of Arise did not have enough screen time or any kind of backstory to justify their actions. While this kind of criticism is somewhat understandable, based on the stereotypical villains we all see in Anime and TV shows, I would like to argue here that actually showing more of them defeats the purpose of the story and the very thing it stands for, which is free thinking.

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antikbaka185d ago


All characters and villains especially are poorly written in this game

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Teflon02185d ago

Really? Because they all had pretty decent motives. Dulahim or how ever it's spelled was written amazingly for example. Man was a good guy who went about executing thing in a harmful way unintentionally because he didn't understand things. Alot were scum, but they were all written with ideals and reasons that are decent and believable. The games general story though, an argument could be made since it starts to go downhill a bit after the second half starts

NatsuXTheMaxspeed21185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

Saying all characters and villains are badly written is a stretch. I'll agree that some side characters suffered from not having enough screentime for us to understand their perspective which would ultimately warrant your take. But the Redeeming factor is the writting on the main cast of characters. It is not the most complex writting in history we can all agree on that but there's a certain charm to the overall cast of characters and sense of familiarity and warmth that some of us grew attached to the story for the most part. its not all bad. but Volharan shoulda gotten a little bit more screentime . they kinda missed the mark with him being an off brand Sephiroth xD

edit :
like @Teflon02 said ,

Dohalim on the other hand had an Amazing arc to me and same can be said for Alphen. Alphen is one of my favorite new protagonists in recent rpgs. he's a really good lad xD

Lexreborn2185d ago

I just Platinumed this game like an hour ago and I had a amazing time with it. The enemies are actually well done, and the second part really makes it better when dealing with a narrative of this value. I don't feel they are misunderstood unless you aren't paying attention. They are opportunist but Vholran ... lol oh man Vholran is something else. I didn't need to know his motivations because he mad disrespectful.

I was very much into Law from the Demo and was like "I'm going to main that guy" After what Vholran did to him I was like "I'm good, I gotta let him be" lol

TheColbertinator185d ago

Vohlran and the Fire guy were just insane