Left 4...Winchester?

The software development kit for Left 4 Dead hasn't even been released yet, but some modders are already preparing plans. One group in particular plans on taking the movie Shaun of the Dead and bringing it into Valve's Left 4 Dead.

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dxmnecro3690d ago

This had to be done at some point. This is yet another example of why mods are so great.

Matix3690d ago

This is such a great idea. But I totally saw it coming

N2NOther3690d ago

I really hope, against all reason and well, hope, that some of these mods make it to the 360 as DLC. I would pay for a Shaun of the Dead level...twice.

N2NOther3687d ago

So what exactly do you disagree with. The fact that I hope it comes to Live or that I would pay for it twice?

ZootHornRollo3690d ago

if they do this and make it to be pefect. well i'll think THINK about getting this game for pc or maybe barrow an xbox. but damn thats a great idea for a game

Voiceofreason3689d ago

Mods like that never go to the 360..

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The story is too old to be commented.