Will Sony continue Remote Play Support for the PS4?

PS4talk writes:

When Sony first announced Remote Play I got a little excited. I fully embraced the idea of playing games remotely from my PS3 onto my PSP. I was a little disappointed though when it turned out that it was only really PS1 games that you could play. There are a few exceptions, but nothing too amazing.

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1234567893601d ago

if the ps3 keeps getting doomed like this i wonder when the ps4 will be released

3601d ago
thebudgetgamer3601d ago

i got to ask has anyone ever tied you to a pole a put a helmet on you? and is your tounge really large?

on topic
remote play is cool i hope they keep it around


poindat3601d ago

Oh, wow, the irony. A fanboy telling a fanboy to stop being a fanboy.

I would support future remote play support if it was expanded on a bit.

Rob0g0rilla3601d ago

one of the funniest comments I have read on this site.

doomx563601d ago

LOL robogorilla your words speak the truth

Wenis3601d ago

Will they? I don't know, nor does anybody else on the face of this earth at this point in time

Danja3601d ago

I dont see any reason why they wouldn't , but whats up with these PS4 articles...appreciate the PS3 , cuz it's gonna around for a long time , plus im sure Sony still has a few surprises left in-store for the PS3..XD

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TrevorPhillips3601d ago

we will definetly get a ps4 who said we wont

TOO PAWNED3601d ago

THere wont be PS4 since PS3 will FAIL as it is doing ATM

trancefreak3601d ago

dude shut up the crap that falls from your mouth is incredible.

Max Power3601d ago

how can a game system do that?

ravinshield3600d ago

ps3rd is slowing dying if it wasnt for its blu ray player it would have already died in 07

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TrevorPhillips3601d ago

how is it failing all the good games are coming out 2009 and 2010 it will crap on 360's face because they r running out of exclusives

TOO PAWNED3601d ago

Heard that one before, in 07 and especially 08, yawn!

L4D outsold R2 buahahahah. Gears 2 took a dump on R2. Where is LBP?

At least we on Xbox 360 can play
Halo 1
Halo 2
Halo 3
Halo 3 Reacon...i mean ODST or dildo not sure
Halo 4 o wait that one is not out yet.
Halo Wars
Halo from that gay movie about that gay midget that runs around with a ring, what ever.....
Halo card game
Halo cart vs Mario without vaseline on dry!
Halo somethng
Halo vista
Halo dating sim
and many more Halos

NegativeCreep4273601d ago

You're avatar speaks volumes about you. You're nothing but an old, wrinkled, lonely, fa*got fanboy who's daily priorities are to just reassure yourself that console you own is now and will FOREVER be the best piece of hardware ever!

"Dwell in the past" and "Ignorance is Bliss" those are the life lessons of idiot fanboys like you.

A stupid, biased, financially-purged idiot is what you are.

Strife Lives3601d ago

Even if the PS4 has many many cores, I doubt we will see backward compatibility with it.I just hope,they implement bc into the current models :(

Max Power3601d ago

on using cell technology, which i think is the case, i see no reason why they can't have ps3 BC, and i think hey will have software emulation for ps2 if the ee chip is still to expensive to produce and of course they will have ps1 bc, w/ ps1 and ps2 titles for download off the store.

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