Starfield Planned To Be Fully Shown in Summer 2022

Game Director Todd Howard recently spoke more about Starfield, revealing a few details about the game, like when the team plans to fully reveal it.

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ColtPSSX75d ago

Dang so I’m guessing elder scroll 6 is pretty far out then

darkrider75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Hayter353455 the first year started on November of 2020 not November of 2021. The only thing you are right is two games. Microsoft got two games forza and halo. The list of games from Sony does laps around Microsoft. Since day one. Even a free game with the console. The re-realeses were on top of the charts worldwide, because millions didn't buy them for the ps4. Beside those you got many genres. Some are amazing like returnal, others weren't like destruction all-stars. But the diference is night and day. Microsoft got more of the same. More forza and soon more halo.

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Darkborn75d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing what it's all about. Not sure if I'll buy it or not at launch due to all the crazy amount of games coming out next year. I'm gonna be so tired of gaming come next fall. We'll see though.