Video games blamed for animal atrocities

An article in conservative magazine The American Spectator today (via Game Politics) is suggesting that wildlife "thrill kills" where animals are killed, and simply left to rot, are the result of the "video game generation." In the article, penned by Bill Croke, he states that "According to studies extant, these wildlife atrocities are committed mostly by young men aged 15 to 22, the video game generation. Much has been written about the nihilistic violence that kids are exposed to when they play some of these games."

He then goes on to make the sweeping generalization that, "My own experience observing kids playing video games (in the Salmon, Idaho Public Library, no less) are that they always seem to involve human characters hunting down and shooting other human characters with automatic weapons, while being shot at themselves." interestingly, a call to the Salmon Idaho Public Library revealed that they do not, in fact, carry video games which obviously casts some doubt over how thorough Croke has really been in his "research" for this piece. "We do not carry games, just books, DVDs, CDs, and books on tape," said the nice lady who answered the phone.

interestingly, a call to the Salmon Idaho Public Library revealed that they do not, in fact, carry video games

"Since it's apparent that a small percentage of kids can actually suffer psychological problems from playing these games, an empathy deficit if you will, I think it might be an easy jump to get up from a computer game, go out and pull the trigger on an elk or a deer, and then walk away with a laugh. After all, it's only a game," says Croke before going on to insult the parents of 97 percent of kids in the United States, "I think our four-legged friends will get a break soon, as the video game-thrill killing trend graduates to a higher plane: human being," he says before concluding "Video games are mindless, as are the parents who let their kids play them."

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Megaton3695d ago

That picture makes me sad.

beavis4play3695d ago

anyone who tortures/abuses people or animals should have to endure the same exact abuse they inflicted on their victims.

thebudgetgamer3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

but seriously tommorow will be an article saying gaming is the cause of famine in africa


and im sure dahmer played to much gta
i want to go home and hug my puppy

claney3694d ago

these kdis that play games also would most likey watch movies and tv
plus im sure there is people that only watch movies and tv and not games that tortue animals so by that logic movies and tv are a bigger cause of animal cruelty? isnt that the logic being used here? since some kids play games and apart from a few hunting games like buck hunting and that no game i play lets me kill a dog or a cat !

meepmoopmeep3694d ago

it does make me sad and angry,

i mean, you need to plump up the dog or else you can't get goooot steaks
or meat for stew. what a waste.


SL1M DADDY3694d ago

"Video games are mindless, as are the parents who let their kids play them."

Now that is sad.

darthv723694d ago

I would have thought the animals are neglected because the kids are busy playing games to feed them.

I have never had the desire to kill anything (animal or human) after playing a video game. Parents need to be more...parental.

hotdawg3694d ago

for ignorant children is video games when it in reality it's code for the parents are ignorant. Children need discipline (by word or rod) not video games.

Harryhit43694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

I mean, honestly, what's next? "Video games cause hairy palms and longer pubic hair"?

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Yi-Long3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

... and let's see how many of these kids were raised catholic and believe in God!?

Most of them??? Wow(!) I guess that's where the problem must be...

If kids are abusing animals, or other kids, or whatever, it's because of lousy parenting!

hotdawg3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

and nail dog to a cross because hes being bad. Now the bible is bad for all the violence it contains. See what I did there? No, let me try again.

Child sees father planting trees so they grow better, so child buries hamster alive thinking it will grow better. Not cruelty but misunderstanding on childs part.

Some information is presented while other information is observed, however there must be someone to bridge the gap of how that information is presented/observed and fostering comprehension or understanding of how that information is processed.

beavis4play3694d ago

being ignorant is not an excuse to hurt other living things. and your examples would only show that these kids in question have neglectful lunatics for parents.

i cannot believe you'd even bring up such heinous "ideas".

LokMessier3694d ago

No one blames books that give complete detail on how to torture and our maim anything, no one blames teachers for passing off information to kids that some parents might find unsuitable [ by the way my teacher taught me how to neuter a dog using only a rubber band I was 15 at the time, think my parents would find that unsuitable and no video game has ever taught me that -.-']

It seems people can target whatever they can find the easiest to go after. Even though most of this information can be found in books and on the internet [ how to torture and do inhumane acts to humans and others animals. Oh yeah and lets not forget some of the movies that are perhaps do these acts in more detail just as well, but no one blames those =.=' I swear their is just to much targeting of video games..

lordgodalming3694d ago

This article brings up important ideas, but is misguided. There have always been people who abuse or neglect animals--often young men--and that is one of the warning signs psychologists look for in children who might be sociopathic. Animal abuse is also a common trait among serial killers.

I understand that video games can encourage violence--the US military has been using First-Person Shooters in training since Wolfenstein came out--but a bigger problem is parents who don't put video games into context for their kids, or who don't even bother to look at what their kids are playing.

Stories like the ones in this article are tragic and make me sick, and yet I am a gamer. I've played everything from Resident Evil to Final Fantasy to Katamari Damacy, and yet I have several pets that I take excellent care of. It's my upbringing and the empathy my parents taught me to have for all forms of life, not video games, that shape the most important parts of my personality.

Twister3694d ago

That picture makes me hungry.

BrianC62343694d ago

I take it from your avatar that you're a horse. Isn't it dogs that eat horses? I never heard of a horse eating a dog.

I'm sick of these dumb stories though. What videogame is it that has you abuse animals? I don't remember that one.

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