Starfield allows players to choose pronouns with accompanying dialogue

Bethesda Game Studios' Starfield allows players to choose the pronouns they want, while the game's dialogue will adjust to accommodate these choices, per creative director Todd Howard.

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RpgSama77d ago

"In space Zurs or Zims can't hear you scream"

4Sh0w77d ago

No please can we not go all woke in games, stuff like this always comes off as fake, trying too hard for approval, if you wanta put in gender pronouns then just do it, 99% dont care but advertising it s cringy & more annoying than anything.

Mr Pumblechook77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

I'm not going to complain about anyone being able to do this in their game, RPGs are about personalisation. But I think this low-effort article is as newsworthy as saying gamers will be able to choose if their character has long or short hair - which is not newsworthy at all.

My suspicion is that these websites that think they're superior to ordinary gamers will try and outdo each other with these deliberate showpiece articles. I'm not a mod but going forward as pronoun choice becomes standard my recommendation is that stories like this be rejected.

Teflon0277d ago


Tbh comments complaining about going all woke sound more like crying than this comes off as fake. They're just trying to relate to the times. You think games aren't progressive and don't change with the time? Like come on.

I'm personally against pronouns in general because factually you are what you're born as. You can't tell me you feel like a unicorn and you can't tell me you aren't your biological gender. With that, I respect choice to let people do what they want as long as they're not forcing me into doing what they're doing. As long as I got my choices I'm good. Let people live and stop hating on everything lmao

4Sh0w77d ago (Edited 77d ago )


I'm not hating, but just like I would cringe if a dev or journalist made a headline telling me theres black people or handicapped people in a game I feel like its unnecessary....inclusivity comes from the heart & people should just discover it on their own, when you have to say it, again it comes off as just a fake marketing attempt like alot corporations are doing these days.

I mean think about it, wouldn't it have been a much better story if this news came out with people (transgender) PLAYING AND DISCOVERING they could change pronouns/conversation? Wouldn't it feel much more organic, rather than done as hey look how woke Iam ad?

Yppupdam77d ago

Zur was the commander of the Kodan Armada in "The last Starfighter". so, there's that.....

DarXyde77d ago


Your definitions are a bit dated. Understand the oxymoron that is "biological gender". Chappelle made the same error. Love the guy, just a momentary misunderstanding. Gender is a social construct based on norms of biological sex. There are languages that actually have no gender specific pronouns. I happen to think that works best and streamlines communication, especially for non-native speakers. Let's think about this for a moment though: if I, a male, created a character who is biologically female, how much sleep is anyone losing? If the answer is anything above 0, it's time to re-evaluate priorities.

That all being said, I like 4Sh0w's perspective that I really have no issue with it whatsoever, but it is just seeing publicity to advertise it like this as astonishing pandering. This is kneeling with Kente cloth bad. Let the media figure it out and report on it (if they REALLY feel the need to) when they get their hands on it. Just my two cents.

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Skate-AK77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Yes please. I want to fulfill my fantasy of being Invader Zim.

Lightning7777d ago

Fun fact the game is exactly a year away from now.

n1kki677d ago

As a middle aged white straight male I am thrilled about this news. I've had trouble really dialing it in.

ecchiless78d ago

.........cringe, wondering if npcs gonna start the dialogue with im male, white, red hair, pansexual..... lmao.

PS: if i dont find attack chopper pronoun im gonna riot.... xD

dumahim77d ago

Seriously. It's an option for people who want it. Anyone who doesn't, just pick what you want and move on.

itBourne77d ago

People care because look at the current affairs... It does NOT stop here, its a snowball rolling down hill and gaining speed....

SenorFartCushion77d ago


Yeah, you’re going to be relied on to think a bit more about options. Boo boo.

You could gaming from thinking a bit more, about anything really. Lazy virgin types are ruining a lot for a lot of people because they’re lazy and unwanted, with simple lives.

CS777d ago (Edited 77d ago )


Because it is stupid.

It is pointless and a waste of time virtue signaling when the world has much bigger problems.

It is something that is penetrating all of culture at very high speed.

It is something that we are expected to participate in in trying remember who to call what.

We are all getting obsessed about who likes to stick their genitals where and that’s disgusting.
(Like who tf cared about where Superman got his hots from. Now that is something the creators feel the need to specify)

If something comes up to you that looks like a dog, you will call it a dog (like a sensible human being).

That is common sense and it literally works like that for every thing in human history ever.

lf you look like a man, I will call you a man.

If you look like a woman, I will call you a woman.

If you have a problem with that, look like what you want to be called.

SenorFartCushion77d ago


And now you’re virtue signalling by moaning about it

Ryushaa77d ago

Why people care so much that a game now let choose your pronouns?

G3ng4r77d ago

*literally in the death rattles of western society*
"Why do you care?"

Chard77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

"when the world has much bigger problems"
Agreed, so stop wasting your energy obsessing over culture war issues that literally don't matter

G3ng4r77d ago

^ Ignoring one of the individual problems in the list of individual problems that have put us here probably isn't the way to go. Honestly though I'm not sure anymore why I waste any time commentating on video games so I'm going to go. I'm sorry I've been such a prick, I am a shame of a person. Jesus rose from the dead.

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Rachel_Alucard77d ago ShowReplies(3)
PrinceAli77d ago

You people are so corny looool... You've got one joke and one take when it comes to this topic literally grow up or just STFU it's as simple as that really

ecchiless77d ago

let me be a grow up and answer in the same way, nah and STFU!

PrinceAli77d ago


You're a dumbass.. that's real clear to see

Smok9177d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Lol I grew up in a house where men aren’t too sensitive. This shits hilarious.

😂🤣😂 United Sensitive Americans

SenorFartCushion76d ago

That’s what happens when a country’s education system is designed to keep people poor and angry. I feel sorry for the dumber ones because they’re a victim of a bad education system.

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Lighter977d ago

What about prepositions though?

Eamon77d ago

Preferred pronouns are so yesterday.

Gendered participles is all the rage.

SullysCigar77d ago

Yeah, but when we're talking "16 times the pronouns"..

kneon77d ago


I hear there's a pill for that ;)

CrimsonWing6977d ago ShowReplies(2)
Vengeance113877d ago

And just like that, Starfield not looking too good anymore.

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GhostofHorizon77d ago

How does an extra option in character create screen make a game worse?

goldwyncq77d ago

Funny how these people are so vocal against censorship until a game does something they disapprove of.

spss1177d ago (Edited 77d ago )


Censorship? No one here is suggesting that this game should be censored.

Eamon77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

You are mistaken.

The worry isn't about the inclusion of choice of pronouns, but rather that other kind of content won't make the cut due to being "problematic." As you can see, Todd Howard went about to 'signal' this particular feature despite it really being absolutely trivial. A lot of other games these days (e.g. Demon's Souls, Halo Infinite etc) just silently stopped use Male/Female when selecting a body type but "Body A/Body B" - obviously to make trans people feel more included. There was no need for a PSA and fanfare, they just added it in, and nobody took issue.

The "woke" signalling makes us worry that the final game may become a "diluted" experience. This isn't just a theory. It's already happened. A lot of entertainment content these days just isn't enjoyable due to pandering and/or preaching.

4Sh0w77d ago


Exactly. I dont want to get too deep into it but its one of those things like.. So, why did you make a point to tell me that?, I mean this would be bold maybe 10 yrs ago but now its just like So, what are you trying to prove?....and while for me I just hope things like this won't end up weighing down the actual storyline by preaching rather than entertaining us. -I dont think it will, hopefully this was just a quick message saying the game is striving to be inclusive.

eXclurel77d ago

It's not about the game's inclusion of pronouns. It's a general annoyance about the "my pronouns are..." movement.

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goldwyncq77d ago ShowReplies(1)
gamer977d ago

Fallout in space on a new engine sounds good to me

NewsForSnowflakes77d ago

You're crying because the game offers more choices? Hahahaha

porkChop77d ago

You're losing interest in a game simply because of an option that makes zero difference to your experience. That speaks volumes about you as a person.

Smok9177d ago

Insane how sensitive people have become.

Smok9177d ago Show
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