Nintendo Switch Online and the potential future for it's retro library

Faceless Gaming's Sam Cawley Writes: After a fairly successful launch of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pak, Switch gamers now have two additional retro consoles to play with in-between some of Nintendo’s heavy hitting titles. With that being said, what’s in the cards for the future of this improved service? And what could/should Nintendo focus on in the months ahead?

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PhillyDillyDee65d ago

The potential is basically unlimited. Any rube can tell you that. No need for the article.

Unfortunately this is Nintendo. They will do the bare minimum like theyve done for the past decade and people will still overpay for it.

FORTUNATELY though… if you find 7 friends and split a family membership with them, its only $10 bucks a year per person. So theres that.