360 Thief Done In By Stupidity, MS Tech Support

On January 23, a thief stole an Xbox 360 and some games from a home in Wellington, New Zealand. In his haste, though, he forgot to also grab the power supply, leaving his newly-acquired 360 largely useless. So what did he do? He contacted Microsoft technical support, asking if he could please have a new power cord. And gave his real name and contact details...

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Dukester1014900d ago

That guy is a smart one! haha
Crime never pays in the long-run.

HandShandy4899d ago

So having the power unit outside the console isn't such a bad thing.

Booneral4899d ago

Awful jackass, got what he deserved. In a stupid way too, this is great.

Icryo4899d ago

How stupid can a guy get!

PS360PCROCKS4899d ago

oOo what a MORON! Check this story out ok so a guy is in jail in Mexico and he plans to make an escape, ad he has a get away car outside on the other side of the Rio Grande river from where his jail is. Soo he escapes, swims all the way across the Rio Grande, gets their sees their is no get away car, so what does he do? He SWIMS back across the river and goes to the jail TO USE THE PHONE to call his get away car. Haha now that's a moron people.

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