Why Sega Powered Magazine is Not to Be Missed

Dean Mortlock has been involved in games journalism for many years and has now talked to LWOGaming about new mag, Sega Powered Magazine.

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autobotdan67d ago

The magazine with Blast Processing

Knightofelemia67d ago

I miss gaming magazines period from EGM, Gamepro, Playstation Magazine, Dreamcast I know kids who use to swear to Nintendo Power. They just phased out like the old arcades a part of gaming history that no longer exists. I remember when Playstation Magazine would offer up a demo disc for the PS1.

LWOGaming60d ago

There is also a fabulous Nintendo print mag - Ninty Fresh. Highly recommended

Dwarrior67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Before the internet, I had a mountain of Gamepro's, EGM's, Computer Gaming World's, and PC Gamer's in my closet from years of subscriptions. Old strategy guides. I'd occasionally pick up mags I wasn't subbed to from the news stand at the grocery store.

I LOVED getting those mags and reading them at work. Great memories.

That being said, it's been obvious for a long time that print is dead. Anything in a print magazine would be oooold news by the time I read it. I wish that weren't so. But it is.