Nintendo, Microsoft And Sony Tout Broken Records, Personal Bests And 'Momentum' In November NPD

Following November's strong NPD results, the industry's big three platform-holders each weighed in to highlight their own strengths in a month that saw record-breaking performance against industry benchmarks for Wii, the most successful month ever for the Xbox 360 -- and Sony focusing on "momentum."

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Danja3597d ago

well all 3 are doing well at the end of the day...and aslong as they keep making me happy as a gamer..

they can keep touting there monthly PR twist on NPD results..^.^

Kill Crow3597d ago

The only way Sony can be included in any remotely positive discussion about sales figues is if the PS2 and PSP are included ... and even then next to Nintnedo it's dire.

The untwist of the results is that hand helds and previous gen should be discussed seperately from next gen consoles.