Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Gameplay Video and Screenshots Arrive Ahead of Release

Users with early access to Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition have uploaded a slew of fresh gameplay videos and screenshots.

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Orchard922d ago

The gameplay and visual improvements look good while not losing the feel of the original.

Looking forward to replaying the trilogy on modern hardware.

Profchaos922d ago (Edited 922d ago )

From what I've seen on YouTube I'm actually very impressed it's a significantly better looking game(s) than the early rumours and leaks had us believe.

ABizzel1921d ago

I mean it's not hard to make PS2 games look better in a remaster on PS4/XBO level consoles.

The reason people were downplaying this is because there was already a group of people modding the PC version of these games and made them graphically close to what Take2 / Rockstar a multi-billion dollar company did for FREE. Then there are the mods people made that revamps all of the textures, events / characters, HUD, and more of GTA V into GTA 3, again for FREE. I think that's the big issue. The PC players had no need for this, but instead of just releasing this they flat out took down all the PC versions of the original games, so modders wouldn't outdo the billion dollar company, again for FREE.

GTAV -> GTA3 mod

kevinsheeks921d ago

Publishers hate modders they only tolerate them because the community loves and appreciates them.

Dandalandan117922d ago

To be honest I wasn't sold at first but I'm curious since GTA3 is the only game that I've played in the trilogy. I was even more curious after seeing the trailer. Now, after watching the gameplay vids, I think I'm finally sold. It's finally time for me to experience Vice City and San Andreas.

Fntastic922d ago

The other 2 games are a lot better than 3.

SullysCigar921d ago

The music in Vice City on it's own makes it better, let alone everything else.

Hofstaderman921d ago

@Sully yeah I agree but do they still have the licenses for those tracks or are they going to be excluded from this version of the games?

SullysCigar921d ago

^ God knows, we can only hope because that was where the game's personality came from.

roadkillers922d ago

I mean... got my hopes up too high. Watching Vice City, you can't climb over walls. This was something introduced in San Andreas and was a huge quality of life improvement.

I'm still going to buy it because nostalgia, but damn. I was hoping this would be a bigger improvement until 6 eventually hits winter 2032.

andy85922d ago

GTA 3 looks pretty much the same as the original but the cars and characters are polished. I wouldn't even have realised it was the new version if you didn't tell me. The San Andreas world looks fantastic though, it's in a different league to GTA 3 improvement wise...what's that about. Not sure why they said GTA V controls though. Its basically the same apart from a weapon wheel.

Flawlessmic922d ago (Edited 922d ago )

Lolll u clearly havent played the them, its a stark difference to game i played on ps2 mate like huge difference

andy85922d ago

"Them"? I just said San Andreas looks fantastic. I've been watching 2 playthroughs of both most of this morning. GTA 3 is barely distinguishable from the original and San Andreas looks astonishing for a remaster.

StoneyYoshi921d ago

You might want to watch this video if you really think you wouldnt be able to tell the difference between this version and the original release. 🙄 https://youtu.be/K8xphTI_Xe...

andy85921d ago

Obviously a side by side it'll be easy to see but GTA 3 personally didn't look much of a change. At least compared to SA where its night and day