Gran Turismo 7 - Tuners (Behind the Scenes) | PS5, PS4

Tune and customize from over 400 cars in Gran Turismo 7 as you see fit. What car will you start with?

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derek75d ago

First! Can't wait for this game.

JackBNimble75d ago

I can't wait to play this on my ps4

Nacho_Z75d ago

Are you not busy playing FH5 on your Xbox One.

CobraKai75d ago

Dude. This is out next year. More than enough time to log in hours on FH5. Plus, and this is something that people seem not to realize, you’re allowed to play both.

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Drakul75d ago

Still no gameplay video.....

Redemption-6475d ago

I mean, as long as you keep lying to yourself they never released a gameplay video, I guess you will have a point

4U2NV75d ago

🤔 Trollong or just that amazed by the graphics that you dont think its gameplay? Either way, thats a very daft comment lol

UltimateRacer75d ago

GT7 is shaping up nicely, I love these little teaser vids.


Mmmh🤔 I thought teasers were bad for the PlayStation Community mmmh🤔 I thought gameplay was your thing mmh🤫 I guess things change

Muigi75d ago

Nice! Im going to put a lot of hours just tinkering with builds.

EvertonFC75d ago

I remember years and years ago going to bed and leaving my friend/flat mate tinkering and tuning with a mini Cooper and waking up knackered for work and he was still tuning his mini Cooper after about 5 hours 😂 🤣 came back from work with proper tuned mini Cooper for the race needed for gold 🥇

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The story is too old to be commented.