LBP DLC Dec 18th : Sacks more festive fun

Even though we've only just had this weeks FREE LBP DLC, next weeks DLC is already surfacing on the net. And it looks like another free costume will be with us December 18th.

Sacktree, anyone?

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Yi-Long3599d ago

... I was afraid that we would only get the beard-and-hat next week, but the tree-wearing Sackboy looks cool as well!

Thanks MM!!!!!

StalkingSilence3598d ago

They photoshopped the tree head onto a blank sackboy for this article. Look at the original on the JPN LBP site or on LittleBigLand where they use the Sony pic. Who knows what the rest of his body will look like.

trophy raider3599d ago

I would like to see a ginger breadman, rudolf, and frosty. that would be awsome. oh and maybe an elf lol.

tako20003599d ago

I like this one more then Santa outfit...this one standout way more XD

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