Call of Duty is No.1 but physical sales continue to slow | UK Boxed Charts

Call of Duty: Vanguard is No.1 in the UK boxed charts, comfortably ending FIFA 22's lengthy spell at the top.

Activision's shooter primarily sold on PlayStation platforms, with PS5 accounting for 41% of sales, PS4 29%, Xbox One 19% and Xbox Series X and S 11%.

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darkrider73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

70% of sales on Sony, 30 on Microsoft. 41% on the ps5 and 11% on series x. Another game that shows who is buying games and who isn't. And we are talking about Cod.

italiangamer73d ago

That's exactly what I thought, don't care how they spin it but 70% of total sales from Playstation on COD is HUGE, and I expect the split to be about the same for digital.

Eonjay72d ago

I know the narrative about Gamepass being anti retail is obvious but could it simply be the split of actual console owners in the UK. So like maybe 41% to 11% for PS5-Series could just reflect that their are more PS5 owners period? I say that because PS4 and Xbox One are a lot closer.

4Sh0w72d ago

"We don't have the digital sales figures yet, but physical sales are down 23% over last year's game. In 2020, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War had physical launch sales fall 64% over the previous year's entry (Modern Warfare). But digital accelerated by 39%, so we can't draw any conclusions on Vanguard's UK performance just yet."

I dont doubt ps with the higher install base has sold more but perhaps Xbox gamers prefer digital more than ps gamers so the gap might be much closer, in fact on this site itself I hear alot of ps leaning folks prefer any rate without digital sales though clearly everyone is guessing what the actual total sales on each platform are.

ActualWhiteMan72d ago

Means more COD players on PS platform. Doesn't mean anythging else.. move alone.

I bet there will be more Forza Horizon 5 sales on Xbox than on PS consoles... What does that say?

anubusgold72d ago

In game the split is 50 50 and im gaming on pc

Smok9172d ago

Eonjay, you’re using statistics properly. The issue is you’re probably the only other one on here that does lol

QSPR71d ago


What the h.... are you talking about? Forza 5 is a Microsoft exclusive and COD is a multi console game. Some times I don't understand the level of brand loyalty here.

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Snakeeater2572d ago

Ever though that there is more Sony console out there than Xbox ?

That’s why the sales are much higher and second

Xbox owner don’t seem to buy games anymore, they all said the same thing

Am gonna wait for it to go on game pass …

So yeah Xbox owner don’t buy games

72d ago
EvertonFC72d ago

Agreed, I dont see how xbox can sustain GP. Why would you buy games if there included at £14.99 ? If i was a teenager today I would be laughing all the way to the bank with the amount of games on offer having said that though I think most adults with a job just prefer the old fashioned own it on physical and sell it used when finished with it.
What happens when someone has used GP for 6months or 1 year and they have gone through all the game catalogue that interested them? at that point GP just becomes a demo subscription £15?

ActualWhiteMan72d ago

You and 17 other people clearly lack any human logic. None of your points make any sense. They dont prove any of those things.

EvertonFC72d ago

GP will make or break Xbox imo. Personally I see 3rd party devs and pubs just making Nintendo and Playstation games in the future, why even bother with a xbox version at this point moving fwd.

GhostofHorizon72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

They are still selling well, there is a market there they wouldn't want to miss out on. As long as they can justify a porting cost, Xbox games will continue to come out.

I don't see that changing anytime soon.

The only way I can see them stop putting games is if they make a conscious decision to combat the Game Pass because if Game Pass is successful, they are looking at lower profit margin because they will have to play by Game Pass rules.
This is an unlikely scenario.

JackBNimble72d ago

Gamespass would have broke xbox by now if that's the case. People have been saying that ever since gamespass launched and it only growing.

lodossrage72d ago


Gamepass isn't breaking them solely because Microsoft is a trillion dollar company. So they can eat those losses for a long time.

And it's growing because they've been giving it away for $1 almost since day one. They already told us twice that the service isn't profitable. Combine that with the growth they have isn't as high as they projected, we may looking at the reality that it may never be profitable.

gamer972d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Interesting trend. Also overlooking that Xbox has forza, and halo around the corner. Def gonna be a percentage skipping cod this year (vanguard hype is low) and going with Halo.

Sadly, Playstation doesn't make multiplayer exclusives. If you like small map fast paced, it's cod or nothing this holiday

OneLove72d ago

I'm glad we're smart enough not to but COD anymore.

Suave_Langosta72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Maybe the mass majority of Causals are more inclined to have a PS and they are the target audience for COD. It’s not my cup of tea, but it sales in droves. PS has been the causal trendy console to have, not a knock against it, but it’s the truth. So taking into those two trends, it’s easy to see PS having the edge it does. Nothing against any games or consoles of choice, it’s just a observation of the market.

Edit- reworded to make a better point.

iplay1up272d ago

I bought the Series X digital version. This is physical only..

Jericho133772d ago

This is true, I’ve had a Series X since launch. I’ve played and completed about 20 games - 19 on gamepass and 1 boxed (resident evil village). Make of that what you will.

Saijahn72d ago

This narrative is foolishness. Ps5 has outpaced the Xbox series consoles in sales just like the PS4 did for Xbox one. If it's more players there of course more people will buy it for their console.

Add to that that cod isn't even on gamepass to say oh Xbox players don't buy games.


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Relientk7773d ago

Sort of interesting that on the PlayStation side PS5 had the highest sales but for Xbox it was Xbox One, which was their last gen. console

GhostofHorizon73d ago

Interesting numbers for sure.
If we isolate the PS5 and XSX, they account for 52% of sales.

79% of current gen sales were on PS5. That's a 4:1 ratio. Based on recent number, PS5 is around 13m and XSX at 8m, that attach rate for PS5 seems a bit drastic when put into perspective like this.

EvertonFC72d ago

2/3 sales are digital now so obviously physical sales are low lol.

SenorFartCushion72d ago

Digital is worse. Why are people so lazy?

GhostofHorizon72d ago

It's not worse and people that prefer digital are not lazy, get off your high horse.

iivGHOST72d ago

It is worse when you technically dont own the game.

GhostofHorizon72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

You don't own the disc version either if you want to get technical about it.

I've never had an issue, people living in fear of losing their games. It's going to be fine stop being so afraid someone is going to take your old games away from you.

SenorFartCushion72d ago

It is, that’s the only major difference, you do less disc changing.

Jolska42072d ago

You know whats worse. You get your ass to a store and grab your physical copy and get home and download the 70% thats missing from the disc. Lazy wins this round

SenorFartCushion72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Delivery? I have next to no time on my hands, I still make the time for it.

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