Deathloop game director Dinga Bakaba is new head of Arkane Lyon

Dinga Bakaba, game director on Arkane Lyon's critically acclaimed Deathloop, has been appointed new head of studio following the departure of Romuald Capron last month.

Capron announced his decision to leave Arkane Lyon early in October, after 16 years with the company. At the time he said he was "feeling the need to try something new" and wanted to have "a bit more time for me and my family."

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Magog71d ago

A lot of shakeups at Bethesda lately but a well deserved promotion nonetheless! 👍

Tapani71d ago

Good! I want a deeper, longer and even more complex Deathloop type of a game, or a completely new IP where they test out their mind-bending, interesting ideas!

SCW198270d ago

I want a deathloop type game with intelligent enemy AI and not fetch quest design.