Microsoft Responds To NPD Results

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Microsoft has now responded to the NPD results. Boy do I love NPD night! Microsoft had an astounding month with over 800k in sales."

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PoSTedUP3596d ago

they sold alot, they should have looking at their outstanding marketing and super duper low price point. no 1 is surprised.

Breakfast3596d ago

They rubbed it in, every way they could.

meepmoopmeep3596d ago

Microsoft "We only have supply issues when we don't sell well"


Dark General3596d ago

"Hahahaha suck it down sony"

*kudos to those of you who spot the reference*

Dannagar3596d ago

Good numbers, no arguing there.

Kaneda3596d ago

They even mentioned X-play picked Fable 2 GOTY award.. LOL

SlippyMadFrog3595d ago

I thought the xbox360 was actualy "more" expensive than the PS3? I guess people aren't forced to pay for live or buy accesories.

jaysquared3595d ago

Sony= "We dont have supply issues because nobody wants our system."

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rucky3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I was already ready to commend M$ for a job well done but after seeing this response reminded me what douches they really were.

All I see is "nyah nyah we beat PS3 nyah nyah!" What kind of self-respecting company is that?

GiantEnemyCrab3596d ago

Why not compare yourself against who is considered the market leader for the last 2 generations? The Xbox was the underdog and never could match Sony, despite having superior hardware last gen. Now they are doing it and letting everyone know. I agree it can be a bit douchey but I would take it as a compliment that MS uses $ony as the bar to compare themselves too.

rucky3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I admit they did good this past month especially with the help of those three major release (GOW2, L4D and Fable2). Add the price point to the pack and those numbers don't seem at all surprising. Sony really needs to sell a low-end PS3 model to match the price of what the two companies are offering.

ps3king3596d ago

Microsoft is just merely stating the facts!!! All companies do this too. Nintendo, and Sony. This information shouldn't even matter to you...

I can't stand it when people personify companies.

Good for you, You know Microsoft inside and out from that press statement!!


ravinshield3595d ago

the all mighty Microsoft beat the sh!t out of Fony this time.haha

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GiantEnemyCrab3596d ago

* * * slow clap * * *

"Record-setting software attach rate leads the industry, now at 8.1"

That is a really impressive attach rate. I'm still scratching my head over reports from EA that the PS3 is selling the most software for them. It must be Europe because it's not the USA or Japan.

Note to MS: All the biggest selling games you are talking about are all considered "hard core" focused(Fable 2 being the most casual). All your pure casual titles like Lips and In the Movies have bombed both sales wise and critic wise. Don't forget about your hard core base, they are your bread and butter.

soul899er3596d ago

I'm digging the new you Crab, you seem neutral now :) when are you getting your PS3 by the way?

LikAChicken3596d ago

Yea have to agree neutrality mode is the best mode

GiantEnemyCrab3596d ago

EDIT: Thanks guys I'm trying. Feb 09 for sure.

ps3king3596d ago

You got bubbles purely for dissing MS. Not for being neutral. Don't try to fit in. Be yourself

RAF-TECH3596d ago

you make me wanna com back to the main site again..

Forums are getting boring

soul899er3596d ago

Kk, well I'm actually getting a 360 around that time so we can add eachother, Multiconsole owners FTW!

cmrbe3596d ago

with favouring one console over the other is fine as long as you don't become a tool while you are at it.

The truth is no one is really neutral. Everyone is biased one way or another.

@crab. MS needs the casual market to grow but i agree that they need to keep its hardcore fanbase happy.

Stryfeno23596d ago

Nice comment Grab....Bubbles.

karlostomy3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Here's the latest data from EA.

If you take notice, the 360, in the latest quarter, sold more than the ps2 and ps3 combined.

So.... yeah... the 360 is destroying the ps3 in sales for EA

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Xi3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Now can you get to work on some NEW games for 2009? If it weren't for valve, activision and epic your list of games would be rather small. While you may be bringing in a lot of console sales, you arn't matching the quality games on other consoles that will keep the current owners happy.

edit - I know that MS tends to keeps game announces to a 6-8 month period, my post is about the fact that none of their best selling games in november were by microsoft:
Gears - epic
L4D - valve
COD [email protected] - activision/tryarch

you have fable 2 being the only in house dev team that really had something to show.

I can't wait to see the next bach of games for the 360, I just want to see something more then gears 3, halo 3-odst, and other sequels for game's we've already have. I want something NEW to keep me interested.

chester3596d ago

so you're saying if it weren't for game developers, console makers wouldn't have many games.....

yeah, i guess i can see the logic in that one.

if the 360 keeps putting up solid hardware numbers and outstanding software numbers, game developers are going to keep pumping games out onto their system so i don't think they need to worry about games drying up.

GiantEnemyCrab3596d ago

Agreed. More AAA exclusives!! Next year the PS3 is going to start flexing it muscles with games like Killzone 2. MS better match them instead of relying on a high attach rate that they think will buy anything no matter the quality.

Martini3596d ago

I disagree.

Just because they don't blow their load too soon (like Sony who likes to announce way too soon to make the fans drool just to delay for a year or two) does not mean they don't have anything in the pipeline - watch and learn. They will be many surprises from MS in '09. Thinking otherwise would be foolish.

DiabloRising3596d ago

Careful Xi, this agreeing with you thing is creepin me out!

ps3king3596d ago


Microsoft's Xbox 360 console has a HUGE amount of great games introduced within the last month. 1st party/2nd Party/Multi Platform... It doesn't matter. If you own a 360 in 2008, you have an awesome game selection.... PERIOD!!

"you arn't matching the quality games on other consoles that will keep the current owners happy"

I am sure the current owners are quite happy!

BlackRaven853596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Microsoft doesn't release a list of upcoming games anymore for the next year. It doesn't mean they won't have anything, just means they just don't do that anymore after the stuff that happened with Alan Wake. It was suppose to be out, then delayed for a long period of time. We still don't know what all Sony has besides what they gave us. So chill out, and wait for the first few months, even the first game conference to say where's the games at? Nobody here knew Ninja Blade would hit in '09 many didn't even know it existed.

CrazzyMan3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

While some x360 fanboys trolling on PS3 sales, YET here they are speaking about what REALLY is important, about GAMING and AA games? That should really mean something. =)

Well, good luck x360 fans. ;)

baodeus3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Yeah same here XI,

I don't want to see Rachet and Clank 4/5, Uncharted 2, Jax and daxter, killzone 2 or God of war 3 either. I want something new to keep me interested.

Xi3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I know MS has many more great titles coming, and it's not just MS that's suffering from this, games that are "new" to this gen and already have sequels.

Sony is already trying to rely on resistance, uncharted, gran turismo.
Nintendo (as always) is relying on mario, zelda, metriod, wii ****.

I just want to see those big three take more risks on unproven or unknown concepts and IP's, and stop relying on 3rd parties to do it for them.

RAF-TECH3596d ago

Lets all just have a toast!.. to how micrsoft moved UNITS!!

the AAA games from the 360 will come. 2009 is here and announcements will hit us hard. It's stupid to think 360 will have nothing to offer in 2009 when they had a very strong ending in 2008. NXE!!!

ionstorm3596d ago

sorry but u make no ur saying to eliminate 3rd party devs because sony/MS doesnt do something new? logic = failz

Lord Vader3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )


With an 8:1 software attatch rate... there will be plenty of games for the 360 this Gen. There already is... & even DLC for you favorite games if you desire.

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poindat3596d ago

"Outsold PS3 and PS2 combined."

Really shows how strong the PS2 is still going. Amazing. I would say they have every right to be happy with the sales, but I can't get over their "I did better than you" attitude.

3596d ago
poindat3596d ago

I don't see how that is. If Microsoft finds it necessary to mention that they outsold the PS2 in their November 2008 NPD press release, I think Sony is doing quite well for themselves with the PS2.

ShadowRyuX3596d ago

You do realize there is an open zone for fanboys like you right? You should definitely go there and stay there, mainly because I am tired of your blatant fanboyism and seeing your face...

On-topic: Microsoft should learn to stop bashing other companies and gloating, it makes them look so unprofessional...especially when I don't see Nintendo or Sony do it (or at least not as frequent and harsh)

ElementX3596d ago

Leave Capital G alone, he's cute in a weird sort of way :)

SuperM3595d ago

I was expecting to see alot of comparisons to the PS3 in this response as MS usually do, and this was definately no exception. ps3, ps3, ps3, ps2, omg shut up MS. Sony never adresses MS even when they sell more.

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