IGN: Nintendo Wii Year in Review 2008

Welcome to IGN's Wii Year in Review, a look back at Nintendo's little white box, what's changed and what hasn't these last 12 months. Through the next seven pages, IGN has summed up the system in 2008, providing you a snapshot of its evolution, the biggest titles released for it (and even some gameplay tips from their editors), the most relevant news surrounding it, the most important events which housed it, a look back at their early-year predictions and a look forward to the months ahead.

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Shnazzyone3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Wow, all the rest I know but I love the reassurance of the 2009 lineup at the end. Looks like wii owners might be getting some respect around here by the end of 2009. Nintendo fanboys may finally be able to lift their heads up high and say, "I am up to my ears in 5 star titles." Better start planning my game purchases.