Gamer Limit: Rez HD Review

This has to be the hardest review I've ever written. To describe Rez in a way that is clear to comprehend and explain its sheer awesomeness without repetitively using the word awesome. To put it quite simply, Rez is not just a game, Rez is an experience. Don't let the "trippy" vector graphics that throb to the beat of the music, or the simplistic game play turn you off on this unique gem that rises to the top of the sea of clones and mediocrity that is today's gaming market. It's not often that a game as unique as Rez comes around; yes I know that it originally came out on the Dreamcast and PS2, but that's not the point. Rez originally came out in 2001; now in 2008 it is re-released and still feels new, original, and fun. It holds up after seven years, which is quite amazing.

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Ziriux3599d ago

It sure is one hell of a game. Nice review.

NaiNaiNai3599d ago

way late. but the game is amazing, if you missed out on the ps2, get it on the arcade marketplace. i got it when it was on sale BF, and its a amazing game.