Sega Announces Major Investment in Gaming as Performance Significantly Exceeds Expectations

Today Sega released its financial results for the first half of the fiscal year, related to the period between April and September 2021.

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VenomUK77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Sega is going to buy Microsoft.

Jin_Sakai77d ago

But the trustworthy insiders said Microsoft is going to buy Sega.

77d ago
FinalFantasyFanatic77d ago

I doubt it, look at how Nintendo laughed them out of the room when they tried to buy them out, I imagine Sega would be the same unless they're really hard up for money (which they don't seem to be).

Jin_Sakai77d ago

I guess I should’ve put /s at the end.

FinalFantasyFanatic77d ago


nah, it was pretty obvious, I just felt like having my 2cents.

Jin_Sakai77d ago

“nah, it was pretty obvious, I just felt like having my 2cents.”

I kinda figured that. After seeing all the disagrees I figured I might as well add /s in there. Lol

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CrimsonWing6977d ago

Could we maybe get another Valkyria Chronicles if you’re feeling generous?

CobraKai77d ago

Sega in the red the year the coronavirus put the world on lockdown? You don’t say.

I’d hope Sega has major investments in gaming, what being a gaming company and all.

FreeckyCake77d ago

Maybe it's time to revive Shinobi and Altered Beast?

toutmanifik77d ago

Hopefully we can get COH 3 for consoles.

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