Elden Ring Resolution and FPS Confirmed for PlayStation and Xbox Consoles; Ray-Tracing Supported

Bandai Namco has revealed all of the Elden Ring specifications, including the resolution and frame rate for the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

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autobotdan193d ago

What about for steam deck?

Magog193d ago

720p, 30fps if you're lucky.

TheRealTedCruz193d ago

720 with a solid screen is no real issue on a handheld, even though you can bump that up as a form of anti aliasing, and they've already shown a number of more demanding games running at high settings at a solid 60fps. Though, again, this can be ran via Windows, where you can easily lock the fps to whatever you want. So even on truly demanding games you don't have to just throw it on 30fps just because you can't get a consistent 60fps.

That's one of the reasons PC is great. You can tailor just about every game to your liking. You're not stuck with whatever the devs choose.

Magog193d ago

What more demanding game did they show running at 60fps? None that I've seen.

TheRealTedCruz193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

Witcher 3, DMC 5, Resident Evil 7, Mankind Divided, Doom Eternal, Shadown of the Tomb Raider. It goes on.
It's easy to not keep up on these things when you aren't interested in it, and are trying to discount the potential because of that.

And there

Si-Fly193d ago

Steam Deck is comparable to PS4/X1 so you’re probably looking at 30fps even at 720p which is fine by me.

TheRealTedCruz193d ago

720p/30fps is far closer to what we were usually getting in the 360 and PS3 days than what was happening last gen.

EmperorDalek193d ago

They really slacked off on the Xbox One X version going off this.

Shadowsteal193d ago

No reason anyone should be on an Xbox One X. Gamestop has been buying them for $275. Xbox Series S have been widely available as well, if you can't get your hands on an X.

TheRealTedCruz193d ago

The X and the Series S are basically a toss up between each other. Both have pros and cons in terms of hardware performance.

That said, if I'm playing on a new console, I want a damn disc drive. As a long time PC gamer, I am not about letting one singular storefront dictate my game purchase.

EmperorDalek192d ago

I have a Series X, but I gave my One X to my brother, who still uses it. It's still a good machine, and if they want sales from the Xbox One version then they should damn well put in some effort. It's rubbish that FromSoftware clearly put no effort into the One X version, when it only runs at 900p with no HDR, compared to 1080p with HDR on the PS4 Pro. It's also rubbish that people would deflect this with "just upgrade bro."

ElvisHuxley192d ago

Yeah, I saw 3 S's on the shelf at walmart the other day.

CobraKai192d ago

There’s lots of reasons anyone still games on a 1X. Maybe they, like most, can’t get their hands on it. Maybe they can’t afford a new system right now. Maybe they’re not ready to upgrade just yet. Maybe they don’t need to upgrade. Maybe they don’t want Series S and want the true next gen Series X.

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Atom666192d ago

The chart is printed weird. 4k/30 for One X is pretty good considering the CPU.

EmperorDalek192d ago

You're right, I misread. Not a well done chart.

KillBill192d ago

They messed up the formatting on their specs. (just move the headers for the consoles all over by one column)

Xbox One X is "Up to 3840x2160p". The PS4 Pro is "Up to 3200x1800p".

CobraKai192d ago

Yeah. I got confused reading PS5 being sub 4K and only “up to 30fps”.

Darkwatchman192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

What are you talking about. Xbox One X shows "up to 3840x2160" on the spec sheet compared to the Pro's 1800p checkerboard

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Brazz193d ago

Looks like PS4 pro can still deliver a solid experience.

Aussiesummer193d ago

Ray tracing is such a bizarre edition considering the extremely average graphics, perhaps shadows.

Syphos193d ago

Just taking the leap and ask, how do you consider this average graphics?
There's only a few games that look better then this on the market, most having way bigger budgets and/or not as much mechanics in their gameplay so they can focus on graphics more (like racing games for example).
So genuinely curious if this is average graphics, you are basically saying 90% of the games coming out look like shit, excluding that 10% which have insane budgets.

CantThinkOfAUsername193d ago

It's neither Red Dead Redemption 2 nor Dark Souls in terms of Graphics. It's fine, nothing impressive. The art style, on the other hand, is simply beautiful and alleviates the overall visuals of the game. In the end, no one looks at the graphics when they're getting their cheeks clapped, so it doesn't really matter that much.

WhiteHawk192d ago

Did you see those low res textures and lack of detail and low amounts of foliage and grass? Nice art but far from pushing graphical quality, just like their previous games. It looks barely last gen.

193d ago
ElvisHuxley192d ago

Average? Game looks amazing.

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