Sony working on spy-themed MMO Game

The latest news from D.I.C.E 2007 is that Sony is working on an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online.

Sony Pictures Digital president Yair Landau previewed Sony's Seattle studio's upcoming MMO, an unnamed spy-themed game, by showing a very early preview video. The setting is Prague. A femme fatale poses next to a man in a tuxedo, who draws a .45 and has a souped-up hotrod with an SOE licence plates and kitschy spy gadgets. Characters are shown shooting others in realtime, with a bass-heavy electronica soundtrack.

"We think this is going to take espionage entertainment to a new level," he said, saying that the game will combine the cinematic aspects of Hollywood with the community aspects of MMOs. "I'm a big believer in character-driven intellectual property," said Landau.

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bigmack4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

I want a great online game. Yea i guess your right USMChardcharger.

USMChardcharger4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

saying things like that just opens the door for people to say something...

anyway sounds like a good idea if it gets done well. surprised that no one has done this before. i guess the MMO world is the new canvas in the video game world. so many ideas yet to come.

***edit***no big deal bigmack...just looking out. and see i own a 360...not everyone is out to bash...i may do some defending...but i don't bash, lol.

Grown Folks Talk4899d ago

stole my idea. knew i should have got the patent.

USMChardcharger4899d ago

lol...i told you Grown. you got to be more pro active. now go get that patent on the MMO world for Mr Roger's Neighborhood you were talking about.

*hands up* i get to play with the trolley!

Grown Folks Talk4899d ago

click on my profile and check out my website. go to the blog "your new game ideas". notice the date. i shall have my revenge. and it wasn't mr rogers, it was captain kangaroo. actually, here is the direct link.

USMChardcharger4899d ago

you must be around my age. your going old school with captain kangaroo.
i can't remember...why did those ping pong balls come showering down on him. i was really little when that show was on...all i know is i loved some captain kangaroo. lol

i'll check your site out.

USMChardcharger4899d ago

hope you don't mind me copying and pasting from your blog...but you are right...they stole your idea, lol

"Friday, Apr 28, 2006

Anybody thought of some new type of game that they would enjoy? I'd like to hear some of your ideas. I personally would like to see a MMOSplinter Cell, where all of the enemies are controlled by other players. Limitless replay value, because everybody plays with a different style. Throw in some human intel teammates or a partner to spruce things up. Your team tries to infiltrate and provide you with info to make your job easier. People that work together well, and communicate would be most successful. The game would actually require some thinking, strategy, and skill. Just my opinion. What are some of your ideas?"

Grown Folks Talk4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

now i have to get to work on my "SonyGate" scandal. it involves ken, kaz, phil, a PSX, and some compromising photos with krispy kreme doughnuts.

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