A pair of Gran Turismo 7 videos have seemingly been published early

A pair of Gran Turismo 7 dev diary videos have seemingly been published early, showcasing the PlayStation racing sequel’s tracks and personalization features.

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repsahj77d ago

that rain effects is so mighty impressive.......just wow! Cant wait!

LiViNgLeGaCY77d ago

Damn, looking really good so far!

fxa520977d ago

Looks no better than last gen to be honest.... I don't see much differences than GT Sports.

Magog77d ago

Well, you wrong. There are huge differences especially in draw distance and LOD.

strifeblade77d ago

Draw distances??? That's what we paint nextgen. Looks barely improved

Atticus_finch77d ago

It's more differences than that.

Ethereal77d ago

Even IF it was the same as last gen (it's also releasing on PS4...) with things like added raytracing, dynamic weather system, improved damage modeling, and being a more traditional GT experience is enough for me to dive in. Not to mention Dualsense implementation.

Shane Kim77d ago

I agree. Forza Horizon looks a lot better. Don't get me wrong it doesn't look bad at all. Bet there just a shiny coat in GT that I dislike. Love the games though.

Bigman4k77d ago

Yeah i agree i was hoping to see a big difference it looks no different from GT Sports

Atticus_finch77d ago

No it isn't. The difference is that horizon has really saturated colors while GT goes for realism and details.

bleedsoe9mm77d ago

its really does and we shouldn't be comparing an open world racer to Gran Turismo. the real comparison will be Forza Motorsports

Atticus_finch77d ago

Well that because of the fact that GTs is already super detailed and and has more competition when come to graphics. GT7 is just that but better.

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Stanjara77d ago

I don't know, they are showing GTsport features... vistas and cars, now tracks...It all looks the same to me. GTsport is fantastic and I have played it to the point when you have to have a wheal - tear of players, tyre wear, fuel.
We shall see.

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