Sony Responds To NPD Results

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "NPD results are in and first up with a response is Sony! It was an amazing month for all consoles and Sony continues to move hardware on all platforms."

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ngg123453598d ago

How was this amazing losing to xbox 360 to 2.5 to 1 basically, and wii 8 to 1.

tordavis3598d ago

Losing? They sold almost 400k PS3's. I wouldn't call that losing. rgz

cellypower3598d ago

Your 100% right! Nintendo,MS,Sony did well in this bad economy. Nintendo took it to another lvl! REMEMBER people its all about the games!- Not about what console is better!

ngg123453598d ago

Selling less, not competint against the xbox 360, being last place, or doing terrible? I mean xbox 360 is going to sell 500k more than it again in december

PoSTedUP3598d ago

ps3= 371k at 400-500$, not too shabby....

@ ngg1234- i would call selling over a million consoles REALLY f****** awesome. no?

your too worried about sony "beating" MS in the console war, how much profit have YOU made from all this?

cmrbe3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

or never gauge their performance in relation to competion rather on how they preform before. Thats what a smart company does. As long as they keep improving then its ok.

However they did spin their numbers here as they are mostly taking yearly figures and not just the month of Nov 08 which in fact they sold less than last year. I wouldn't expect them to say they did poorly anyways. On the bright side though the PS3 sales increased from last month.

mrdxpr23598d ago

the thing u all dont know is sony might be losing on the ps3 but they are getting all that money back on ps2 and psp while MS is loosing on the 360 with the price they have it at right now so the losers are MS cause they aint making no money Sony with 3 consoles on the market they getting money one way or another... nintendo well nintendo is showing that people can be brainwashed i was and i regret it i got a wii and i dont use it its in the living room taking dust..:(

CrazzyMan3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

No matter what PS3 sales will be, it`s STILL getting:

KillZone 2
Yakuza 3
Heavy Rain
Gran Turismo 5
Final Fantasy XIII:versus
White Knight Chronicles
God of War 3
Uncharted 2
Quantum Theory
Final Fantasy XIII
Demon`s Soul
Resident Evil 5
Tekken 6
Ico 3
Heavenly Sword 2

it won`t be like GC or xbox last gen, PS3 STILL will have MANY GREAT AA games.
It may not be great in sales, but as GAMING console - PS3 is a GREAT machine. :)

Well, these sales are what you get for selling most expensive console on the market during crisis. It`s economics.

Yet, this gen doesn`t end with 2008. =)

There will be:

And PS3 will have 199-299$ or even lower price during that time. 7 GREAT gaming years ahead. :)
And there are A LOT of games to be ANNOUNCED in FUTURE. =)

Just for the records, Wild Arms 4, Grandia 3, Kingdom Hearts 2, Final Fantasy XII, Tales of Legendia, Valkyrie Profile 2, Tales of the Abyss, Suikoden V, Rogue Galaxy, Disgaea 2, Persona 3, Odin Sphere most of these games were released on 7th PS2 year, God of War 2/Persona 4 on 8th-9th year.

The crisis will end, the sales will go up. While GREAT games will be coming year by year. =)
PS3 FTW! :)

Soren the Cat3598d ago

wow you really did bring in the full damage control

listing all the good games for your system of choice ftw

Breakfast3598d ago

Gray skies are gonna clear up,
Put on a happy face;
Brush off the clouds and cheer up,
Put on a happy face.


CrazzyMan3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Just combined 3 post of the recent days in 1. =))
And whoalia, you get full damage control.))

@Breakfast, i`m totally positive, otherwise i wouldn`t be so optimistic about PS3 FUTURE.

@Dannagar, just to shut up trolls, which don`t care about GAMING. :) Or can`t afford PS3?
It`s all about GAMING after all. =)

soljah3598d ago

because they are a business and looking to make money. the ps2 and psp make money and, playstation as a brand sold over 1million units last month.
they are running a business not a fanboy contest

Dannagar3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

You've got to love the PR. I was trying to figure out how they'd spin their number and they used their October sales to compare to their November sales.

You sound like a broken record. What are you cutting and pasting that everywhere?

mrdxpr23598d ago

@ crazyman... uhhhh with that list im gona start calling bankcrupsy cause im not gona be able to get them all :( and i want them all

Dannagar3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )


I have more games and Playstation products then you'll have in your life time. I've had a Playstation 3 since day one. Not only have I own my own video game store but I've attended E3 since 1999. My experience as a gamer eclipses you. You're under my feet.

IdleLeeSiuLung3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Is it me or is Sony trying really hard to shoot themselves in the foot:

- Releasing Home on the same day as NPD numbers (that they surely know they didn't do to well against the competition). Surely NPD numbers is taking away the Home thunder
- Stagnant pricing (no discount in sight)
- Delaying LBP due to a soundtrack....
- Releasing SOCOM when it wasn't ready (WTF is up with the serious network issues)
- This is personal opinion and my rant really: Terrible User Interface (What is up with the gazillion button presses and hidden menu's to do stuff in XMB. XMB is cool at the outset, but the addition man....)

Sony has many opportunities here, but man they are trying really hard to screw themselves over.... If this continues, it would be bad for 360 owners because competition is good for consumers.

Narutone663598d ago

How many Punto was sold compared to Porsche? Punto selling more car doesn't necessary means that it is better than a Porsche. Why not compare the xbox to the wii? They are more or less the same price, well actually, the wii is more expensive and the graphics is not "HD". Still the wii is kicking the crap out of the xbox.

I_am_rushin3598d ago

Why the F*ck should I care? I have a PS3, I have free online play, I have HOME, and best of all I have GAMES! Games people! That's what it's all about.

Last gen the Gamecube and Xbox were not only losing, but they had no games. PS3 might be in last place in sales, but in Games it's #1. IMO

The only reason you need to care about sales is if you're a Sony exec or own Sony stocks. (Which by the way do not rely on SCE entirely.) Sony makes more stuff than the PS3, PS2, and PSP.

/end rant.

cayal3598d ago

"- Releasing Home on the same day as NPD numbers (that they surely know they didn't do to well against the competition). Surely NPD numbers is taking away the Home thunder"

99% of console owners don't care about sales. It is irrelevant to Home.

evrfighter3598d ago

hardly..punto to a porsche wouldn't be in business if they were losing money on each car sold.

400k 500k hell even 1 million sold would make baby jesus cry to see those sales numbers with 0 profit. Business is business what matters most in business is the bottomline and that my friend is black numbers....not red.

I was into the idea that sony would sell at a loss and then when technology got cheaper they would be reaping the's common because it's a given that technology gets cheaper within months. It was a good strategy but what went wrong? It's been 2 years in the technology world...when core 2 duo's and 7900gt's, x1900's were flagships and were selling for hundreds of dollars but is now dirt cheap. We are now at Quad Core I7's GTX 280's and HD4870x2's...

So what's the problem over at sony? why are they still losing money? Blu-Ray's have gone down in price, is it the cell? If indeed it is the cell then it should be considered a technological failure if it still costs them an arm and a leg to fabricate.

If nothing changes, the ps3 is goin to be compared to this

Death3598d ago

The key is they need to outsell Micrsooft in North America. When they do that by larger nubers, they tend to point it out.

"PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™), led by the launch of the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots PS3 bundle, continued to experience tremendous momentum in June 2008, selling 405,488 hardware units – 84% higher than Microsoft’s Xbox 360 (according to NPD June 2008 sales data). PS3 year-over-year hardware sales growth exceeded 311% in June, with month-over-month growth exceeding 94%."

While it's true Microsoft makes a point to compare sales to Sony's, it's typically when they outsell them by a pretty big margin. The reason for this is Sony is the benchmark that everyone wants to beat. They held 75% of the market for over a decade. If you can beat a long-term market leader like that, it's a pretty big deal. If the shoe was on the other foot, Sony would do the exact same thing.


littletad3598d ago

That has to be one of the most ridiculous and saddest post I've ever read. I mean to be so devoted to one company... Especially in this system of currency that is video games.

"It may not be great in sales... but it's a great machine".

What's even worse is that I literally thought you were going to include the year 2016.

And don't take this the wrong way, this isn't meant to be an insult to your comment but rather a surprising find. Let's face it, you listed some great games, but that doesn't mean Microsoft or Nintendo having nothing planned as well.

SL1M DADDY3598d ago

All consoles, including the PS3, have acceptable install bases and have proven they can all sell games past 1 million sales. To that we can rest asure that we will see more and more great games come for all consoles (save for the Wii - but that's another story). If MS or Sony or Ninty sell another million consoles this year is not for me to concern myself with. They are all great consoles for what they are and what they offer and at the moment, I am a happy gamer tthat owns them all.

Quindarogamer3597d ago

I just joined the XBox fam. Find out why in my blog:


jrsenkbe3597d ago

If you considered that the PS3 is twice the price of the 360 and almost double the Wii then the sales are great for the PS3, especially in the ailing economy. I think that its safe to say if the PS3 was even $100 less then they would have sold twice as many PS3's, taking away sales from the 360 and making them neck and neck. Lets see how they do in worldwide sales. That is what matters, due to the fact that we live in a worldwide economy, the US is not top dog anymore.

acedoh3597d ago

Know that it is more than just one inning, quarter, or period that makes the game. If it were baseball SONY would have lost 2 to 1 in that inning. Obviously there are several more to go. Gauging a console race by one month or even year is rather immature. Secondly is SONY really competing against the other consoles or themselves. I am sure they have a goal for the PS3 to sell so many consoles over it's lifetime. Whether or not that is enough to overtake the other consoles is irrelevant. SONY wants to be profitable with it's product and create enough excitement that people will continue to love the Playstation brand...

SL1M DADDY3597d ago

So let me get this right... you jumped ship because 1) MS had right s to Fallout 3's DLC and 2) because you don't feel Sony wants it bad enough? Sorry, but the games looking worse on the PS3 is pretty minimal and if you can notice the texture across the map while being shot at or actually playing through a game then consider yourself justified in your switch but to be honest, the reasons you list as to why you went to the 360 and are pissed at Sony seem a little shallow, I mean heck, I have stepped in deeper puddles.

zethos563597d ago

So much damage control...

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meepmoopmeep3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Sony should pull a MS

"we had supply issues"


The gaming GOD3598d ago

They have a higher price tag double the amount their direct competitor.

"Having no games" stopped being an issue long ago.

It's hard to outsell competition that is similar to you when they are literally half your price.

LightningPS3PS33598d ago

The whole price point, but I get kicked off the gaming zone, just for saying how obviously PS3 needs a price cut.

Because of Blu ray starting to get more popular, I can add a little positive twist to it. And say that almost 400k consoles sold isn't too bad when you look at the price difference, and thinking future wise.

But the negative twist is also there, the fact that they got hammered by well over 400k by the XBOX 360.

The gaming GOD3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

It's just that you can't expect to be a $400 system (minimum) to be able to outsell a $200 system.

I say they don't need it to be profitable because the game division has made profit these past two fiscal quarters. However, to outsell a similar competitor (MS) of course they'd have to lower the price. That's common sense

no-spin3598d ago

Sony has made it very clear, they dont consider the PS3 and the X360 as equals. Their mentality is about offering a high end product with blue ray, cell processor, the Sony brand and backed up by the largest game development organization in the world. Its a 7-10 year ride and right now the PS3 is quiet expensive, but its worth every penny. Unlike the X360 that will get to $500 when you add Wi-Fi, 60 gb HD, XBL, and is preety sure to break within the year.

No way Sony is offering the same product that MS is

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Johnny Rotten3598d ago

"and by the way... merry X-mas to the 8000 people we just laid off".

Bnet3433598d ago

man that's cold because I know what it feels like to get layed off. Now I'm desperately looking for another job but I might land one at RadioShack, not that anyone cares -_-

DiabloRising3598d ago

Good luck Kigmal! Take what you can get, no shame in Radio Shack.

Johnny Rotten3598d ago

sorry to hear the Kigmal my company just let 300 more people go, that's 800 to date and they said they'll re-evaluate around Jan/Feb to see how things are going.

ultimolu3598d ago

Hope you get a job Kigmal. Things are pretty tough.

Bnet3433598d ago

lol what the hell? why all the sympathy towards me LOL. that was unexpected.

DiabloRising3598d ago

Because you're one of the few posters on this site that isn't a total tool. Duh.

The gaming GOD3598d ago

That sh!t isn't funny. Good luck with that job hunt. You and I can disagree about games all we want, but that personal stuff is where I draw the line. We all feel that one no matter what system you like or dislike.

All the more reason we should count our blessings and be thankful that some of us still have jobs.

So yeah good luck and get that damn job lol

Bnet3433598d ago

lol thanks guys. for the first time ever I feel as if N4G is a part of my family. *tears* :(

RAF-TECH3598d ago

I'm sorry for blowin you up in Gears 2...
I didnt know there was friendly fire.

Sarcasm3598d ago

Kigmal, Shut your hole and go to the Open Zone!

Just kidding, reminding you to not let your guard down here on N4G lol

caffman3598d ago

xbot or droid, we are still human dude. Seriously though good luck in the job search

yojoe263597d ago

uhh...littletad I hate to break this to you, but you are an idiot. Crazzyman was just spilling his optimism about his console of choice as I would be also. You honestly think that everyone has to own every console to enjoy playing games? You're stupid. These are trying times financially and I find it utterly ridiculous to slam somebody for uplifting their console of choice. I feel the same way that he does. PS3, for me, is ALL I need to REALLY enjoy playing videogames. It has everything I want in games past, present, and future as far as lineup and IPs go. And no...I don't need gears or halo to know how to have fun. By the way great post crazzyman, but you left out the new twisted metal for PS3, and Alpha Protocol: Two games that are gonna rock our socks off!!! Later......

SolidSnake933597d ago

Good Luck on getting your new job Kigmal. And the sympathy at least from my part is because, it is difficult to lose your job, especially in the economic crisis. Hopefully, you will get your new job.

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xg-ei8ht3598d ago

Tis the season to be merry.

That's my name.

No sh^t.

National lampoons xmas vacation.^^

All did well.

Didn't expect PS3 to win.

But for price vs others, plus recession. That's not bad at all.

Xi3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I hate when people change their posts on me and I end up looking like a fool.


HDgamer3598d ago

Look at the past install base and look at this year's install base. By the end of 2008 the install base will once again increase in numbers. For all consoles, they will do very well.