Before You Start: Five Settings To Change in Forza Horizon 5

Some of you get to start playing Forza Horizon 5, a big, beautiful Xbox racing game, today. Like most big, beautiful games, there’s an impressive suite of options spread across a ton of submenus. Tweaking a handful of them makes the game more enjoyable from the jump. Just try to stifle your incredulity that there’s motion blur on the menus.

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Si-Fly505d ago

Driving line fully off IMO, and I also favour Performance mode, doesn’t seem like much of a drop in fidelity.

BenRC01505d ago

Cornering on or you'll constantly be hitting rewind. So hard to see corners with such dense foilage, especially in the dark.

medman505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

This article is an immediate fail when it says "this is possibly the prettiest game on Xbox right now. Is that framerate boost really worth the hit to fidelity?" Are they really advocating for 30 fps and marginally prettier graphics over rock solid stable 60 fps in a racing title?


Aussieguy504d ago

Nearly every place ive seen (including Digital Foundry) says the graphics mode is worth it over Performance mode.

medman504d ago

You must be drunk. Post proof, or poof.

Aussieguy503d ago

@medman watch this video from 22:50 and you will see 😉.