God of War PC to support both NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR

God of War is now coming to PC with the support of the latest technologies, including super-resolution from AMD and NVIDIA.

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InUrFoxHole73d ago

I absolutely 💯 love this! I've been saying this for a while. It's more anti consumer to lock a game down to 1 console than it is to open up the game.

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iraqmilner73d ago

Meh. I just think this is to be expected.

camel_toad73d ago

Man I can't wait to play this again but at 60+ fps in 4k. My 3080 plus DLSS should run it beautifully.

Yes yes I know I'm being one of those people that has to brag about their video card but damnit I love it.

XbladeTeddy73d ago

Let's hope the VRAM can handle it then

Promachos73d ago

Too bad i have already completed it. Never play twice same game my back catalogue is endless.

Promachos73d ago

Don’t sweat about it. Any kind hearted man will understand how you meant it.

marioJP8773d ago

You bought it with your money!
Brag all damn day!!!
I would!!!

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DFresh73d ago

I hope that DLSS technology rendering or whatever gets applied to the PS5 Version at a later date.

XbladeTeddy72d ago

Don't think DLSS is possible as it needs certain chips built into the GPU. FSR is open source though just it's not on the level of Nvidia's tech right now.

DFresh72d ago

Makes sense.
Which GPUs are capable of this technology?

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