Buying AAA Games "Day 1" Makes You Feel Like A Beta (Tester)

When it comes to AAA games or any high-profile videogame releases, there is always a big push to get you to buy it on day 1. Pre-orders and pure hype are pretty much the lifeblood of the industry by now. And Cyberpunk 2077 is proof that you can just sell a lie. As long as you have big enough marketing, people will literally buy a game that does not exist yet.

The games as a service model or multiplayer-focused games are somewhat of an exception. The GaaS model focuses on updates, tweaks, and new content. It is only natural that half a year after release, games with this model will have more content. It is expected. And multiplayer games tend to be most active at launch. So there is a time window where you do not have to think if a game is dead or not.

There is an argument to be made here, that good multiplayer games do not die that fast. But Dark Souls, or heck even more recent, the Demon’s Souls remake, are types of games you need to consider. The optional PVP is great! If you are into that sort of thing. But this is primarily a single-player experience. So the PVP scene died within half a year post-launch..

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Terry_B72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Yeah..its smarter to just wait some months before buying these days.

LordoftheCritics71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Sony and Nintendo exclusive games you can trust.

Sony has maintained top tier quality since PS2 if not PS1.

That's how you set an example.

TBH, even MS exclusives have been excellent lately and are insane in PC settings and optimizations.

I see this bad launch trend in 3rd party games.

EvertonFC71d ago

Couldn't agree more it's only AAA 3rd party that don't get it.

LucasRuinedChildhood71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Even though Sony make obviously make quality games, you're still rewarded with a better game if you wait.

I didn't play Spider-Man: Miles Morales at launch and in the meantime they added a RT Performance mode, then increased the ray-tracing's internal resolution. It looked and played better. They also added realistic muscle deformation.

Returnal just added the ability to suspend a cycle which is a big deal.

There were loads of improvements made to Ghost Of Tshushima, e.g. Loadouts, target locking, Lethal difficulty, Legends. 60fps on PS5.

The Last Of Us Part II added stuff like Grounded (a lot of people wanted to be able to turn off Listen Mode), gameplay/modifiers and Permadeath a few months after launch. 60fps on PS5.

You get the point but the same applies to Death Stranding, Days Gone, GOW, and Horizon: Zero Dawn as well. You almost always get a better experience if you're willing to wait a bit. Spoilers are a big issue with waiting though.

1Victor71d ago

I don’t care if I like a game I get it day1.
You can’t afford not to specially for games with MMO features, you wait 6 month by the time you get to the MMO part of the game you’ll be the black polar bear a easy picking n00b without a chance to grow stronger and ALWAYS behind

isarai72d ago

Yup, "AAA" is a negative bullet point for me at this point 🤷‍♂️

ApocalypseShadow72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Buying *SOME* AAA Games "Day 1" Makes You Feel Like A Beta (Tester).


Not all AAA games feel like beta tests. Good games do release at launch. And, updates with additional content doesn't make something more fun. The game has to already be fun. Ghost of Tsushima was already fun. Adding more resolution or frame rate or whatever, is just icing. The cake needs to taste good because adding frosting to a bitter cake doesn't make it taste better. Or, as one of my friends used to say, "pouring syrup on shit doesn't make it pan cakes."

Current game creation is more complex. I can agree to that. But a great developer will take their time before releasing their game. They'll pay actual testers and test the game themselves before putting it on the market. That's how it's supposed to be. Having pride in your creation.

A lot of developers are using the capability of after release updates with the internet as an excuse to put out a buggy game. Either the publisher or investors are pushing them. Or, they don't care about their own product being the best it can be. Nothing's perfect. But great developers have minimal bugs because they work hard in removing them. And good publishers give time to their developers.

As for single player and GaaS, single player games can be just as long as any online or GaaS game. In my opinion and in the games I buy, as long as the game has a sort of randomness to it and good AI bots, you can play that game forever. Tetris, Lumines to games like Demon Souls and Ghost of Tsushima. If it never plays the same way twice as if you're going through the motions seeing the exact same enemy, in the same exact place, attacking you in the same exact way, you'll never get bored. Even without updates and dlc and micro transactions and online multiplayer. Online can be fun. But it's only because of the randomness of plaguing against other human opponents.

Kaii72d ago

Basically, if I buy your game on day 1 and it's somewhat "bugfree" you get my respect for putting something out with quality assurance.
Do the opposite, I'll wait for sales/Christmas to get it in an acceptable state, isn't rocket science.

gazgriff2k1271d ago

Yeah but it's easy to stop being a silly pillock just rub two brain cells together

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