ThreeSpeech reviews Formula 1 Championship

ThreeSpeech give F1 for the PS3 an extensive test-drive, hit the link for the full reveiw.

In general, Formula One Championship Edition is a triumph – accessible to beginners but sufficiently authentic to thrill the most demanding of Formula One anoraks. Whether it will move people to want to buy PS3s remains to be seen, but it will be a compulsory purchase for the more discerning PS3 owners.

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kornbeaner5711d ago

but not a game with mass appeal, just like soccer games, this game is better suited for out friends overseas.

techie5711d ago

Yes Europeans will love it. Though I'd like something a bit more 'fun' - like Motorstorm or Burnout 5 :)

MaximusPrime5711d ago

I dont see any Formula one racing on any console....

great to hear good positive review of that game! This will be my first game when i get PS3.

THAMMER15711d ago

I love F1 racers too. I also think this game will be excellent. I've been trying to get my cousin to reserve this game for his PS3.

mucho 995711d ago

I may actually get this game now, I played the demo and actually enjoyed it quite a bit, but I wasn't sure what the final product would be like, looks like it's good.

sajj3165711d ago

I highly suggest that owners of the PS3 that can log onto the Playstation Store, download the demo now. I found it more enjoyable than the Gran Turismo HD demo. The sense of speed is quite thrilling, especially when you change the camera angle to a drivers view. Good luck driving without driving aides and in manual. Definetly a difficult thing but the satisfaction of finishing first is worth it. If you are a 'Speedweek' watching fanatic, a definite buy. It kind of reminds me of the F1 racers by Psygnosis :). Wait a minute, isn't Psygnosis now Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe (can someone confirm this?).

'Live and Let Game'

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