M1 Pro gaming: 10 AAA Games Benchmarked

We benchmark 10 triple-A games on the new 14-inch MacBook Pro, powered by the M1 Pro chip. Are these new machines the best Macs for gaming we've seen?

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elazz458d ago

There is quite a big group of games that can run on Mac. Hopefully more and more will get native versions like Disco Elysim and World Of Warcraft. Those games run flawless. Also Rosetta2 games run quite well but there is quite a big gap compared to native support.

thecodingart457d ago

Why would you benchmark an M1 Pro rather Max chip for graphic benchmarks…

fr0sty457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

Because only a fool would spend $6000 on a laptop that is weaker than a $2500 3080RTX laptop. 400gbps shared memory for both CPU and GPU? GTFO

thecodingart457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

Your pricing is ridiculously wrong, your benchmark/research is also wrong and your fanboyism is showing. GTFO lol

fr0sty456d ago

The 64GB model runs over $6000... and to enjoy any benefit of having unified memory, you'd need to get that model, otherwise the unified memory is just a bottleneck with no benefit over a PC GPU that has its own pool of dedicated VRAM (that runs faster), the hardware deficiencies are still very much an issue, GPUs are very bandwidth hungry, and making them share less bandwdith than a RTX3080 has with the CPU is not going to bode well for gaming.

thecodingart454d ago (Edited 454d ago )

The 64 gig M1 Max model literally runs for half the cost of $6k… what are you on 🤣. Do you just like commenting? Go to for once and stop being an uneducated troll.