Top 5 Video Games You're Currently Playing if You're a Frat Boy

We all know the frat boy type. When they enter into college, it's party time 24/7 along with everyone else who feels entitled to spend their parents' money on frat boy activities. The frat boy needs to fit into all walks of his friends' life, so if that means playing some video games then so be it. There's a difference though between the traditional video gamer and the frat boy video gamer. The frat boy video gamer only plays games that tend to induce chest bumps and cracking beer cans over their head when successful in one of the games. It's a rare occurrence when you find someone in a frat playing Final Fantasy 3 for instance. You can rest assured that they would be kicked out of their frat if the "head brother" found them playing a game with an actual dialog.

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RKRigney3600d ago

frat boys wouldn't be caught dead playing wii bowling

Max Power3599d ago

would if they made a drinking game out of it.

Son of Odin3600d ago

where do they come up with these ideas?

tinydancer3600d ago

while i've seen frat boys playing most of those games, this list is retarded.

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The story is too old to be commented.