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sev1512 of writes:

With Home Open Beta finally launching today, PlayStation LifeStyle wanted to celebrate with all of our readers by opening the PlayStation LifeStyle Home Clubhouse.

It's rather barren right now, but as new content gets released, PSLS will be purchasing premium content to make your stay at our clubhouse more enjoyable.

Not only will we be offering up a clubhouse and content, we will also be using our clubhouse to organize exclusive PlayStation LifeStyle gaming nights, competitions, and contest (who doesn't love prizes?)!

The PlayStation LifeStyle Clubhouse is an exclusive club for PlayStation LifeStyle staff, and readers. Since there are only 32 open spots (less since I have sent some invites) we will be inviting only our most loyal readers. First and foremost is the staff, followed by our most active forum members, and our most active commenters. Those of you who are a regular, and didn't already get an invite, and feel you do deserve an invite, send me an email.

To anyone else that would like to join PS LifeStyle (Tag: PSLS)

Please email [email protected] and let us know why you should be a member of the PlayStation LifeStyle Home Club. Be detailed, as we are only picking the best of the best for our club.

Remember the first rule of PS LifeStyle Home Club, is you do not TALK about Home Club… Wait, er, that's not right. The first and only rule is you must have FUN!

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Sev3597d ago

No Panipal2005, you cannot join the club..... LMFAO.

Come join us guys, we all actually play our PS3s.

chaosatom3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

but...but ....but I was just done with Finals

:( *cries*

ok, So why are there only 32 spots? Is that a limit on the Size or something?
Why can't everyone become a member, what's the harm in that.

gano3597d ago

I sent you sumtin sev.

StalkingSilence3597d ago

I wonder if they'll up the size limit if you fork over some more cash.

Cyber Gamer3597d ago

u guys must be full by now damn too late lol