IGN: Heavy Rain Impressions

How far are you prepared to go to save someone you love? For most people in real life, they'd risk life and limb, particularly if the person that you love was in danger of dying. But would you feel the same way with a video game character? Quantic Dream is working hard on trying to blur this distinction by making a title that will play with your emotions, raise the level of story telling and expand gaming. Heavy Rain, their upcoming film noir thriller, will exclusively hit the PS3 sometime next year, and IGN had a chance to check out some of the elements that will be working their way into the game at Quantic's Paris studio.

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callahan093601d ago

Wow. Lots of publications are doing some new impressions on this game today. Maybe it's really gotten far underway and they'll announce a release date for sometime in early/mid 2009?

Gambit073601d ago

If they can pull this off, it might be 2009 GOTY.

DaTruth3601d ago

They said that death isn't meaningful in games; What about Double Dragon. After fighting through the whole game with your twin brother(player two and friend), you have to fight to the death and the victor gets the girl. That's pretty meaningful!