Pure Xbox Forza Horizon 5 Review: An Amazing Game, But One That's A Little Too Familiar

We feel like we've been to Mexico before...

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DaveZero687d ago

It's a racing game of course it's going to be familiar.

Darkborn687d ago (Edited 687d ago )

Same with a far cry game, but it got destroyed.
Hell ratchet and clank rift apart got review bombed by several outlets for being samey. What's different here? Oh I know what's different.

NeoGamer232687d ago

Reviewers certainly have a right to express how they feel.

But, I prefer reviewers to review the quality of the game. When they are making "it is nothing new" comments, that is not a statement of quality, they are looking for innovation. To me innovation is what gets you to a 10/10 game. FH5 is 91 on metacritic. To me, that is the right score here. It says it is a high quality game, but there is not enough innovation to be 95 on metacritic.

Darkborn687d ago

They do have a right, the problem is they pick and choose when their metrics matter. It's not just this game, it looks amazing. It really does, but you can't have a different formula for different publishers with reviews.

4Sh0w687d ago

Not a problem a 8 is a good score and if all he's got on a racing game is that its the same then OK because we know its an all new location, new enviroments, new cars & tuning, new audio, visuals are more stunning than before, new modes, etc so I dont know what else a open world *racing game* can do besides be something else to not feel at least somewhat the same, I mean seriously it all boils down to racing....and its the best racing game available so Ill take it.

Lightning77687d ago (Edited 687d ago )

Rift apart has a 88 metacritic. Not bad for a game being "review bombed." there were complaints about being samey I remember reading them personally. But being review bombed as you claim is pretty dramatic.

Darkborn687d ago (Edited 687d ago )

So a 2/10 review score on metacritic for rift apart is not review bombed for being samey and childesh cartoon graphics? The same outlet said psychonauts 2 graphics were best in class.

dumahim687d ago

You apparently don't know what review bombs are. A SINGLE negative review out of 126 is not a review bomb.

Darkborn687d ago

@dumahim Plenty of reviews lowered their scores just like far cry 6 over samey stuff. Look down the list.

dumahim687d ago

And? Lowering a score isn't review bombing.

Darkborn687d ago

When it's against a certain publisher it is. Let's be real, if Sony fully published deathloop, especially with a white male protagonist, it would have gotten 6s and 7s. That's the issue. Certain publishers get different grades depending on who reviews it. I even saw some people say that Microsoft perfected deathloop. A game they hardly even touched. Bethesda gets the credit on that game. But if Sony published it, you would have seen some people say it was a clone of dishonored.

MadLad687d ago (Edited 687d ago )


Sony is a highly persecuted company, with all of its goty awards, and always doing very well when it comes to console sales.

I can't stand how much bias there is towards Playstation.

nommers687d ago


Being too much of the same thing is a valid complaint because it means the value isn't that special at all compared to what came before from the franchise. Why spend money on a game that you pretty much already have? Not saying you can't enjoy games that have minor improvements or even next to no new things, but when talking about reviews/awards and prestige it most definitely should be taken into consideration as a critique against a game.

-Hermit-687d ago

" Oh I know what's different."

There's those conspiracy theories again. Nobody is out to hurt your favourite piece of plastic.

Darkborn687d ago (Edited 687d ago )

And the funny thing you all stated is games that are too similar should be rated lower. All the reviewers i saw do reviews for this on youtube said its essentially the same as FH4. Almost all the same cars, the same modes, different Vista, but most of the same. By your definition this game should have aower review score on metacritic. And yes, there are biases.

Edit* and this is the last thing I'll say. Coming out of a generation where Xbox made 0 new IP and essentially recycled yes, halo gears and forza the entire time with exception to the critically acclaimed bleeding edge and crackdown 3, they are making the same game, with minor changes and getting perfect 10's. If this were a third person over the shoulder game, from Sony, even with racing cars and customizations and all that it would be called uncharted with cars and get lower scores.

People reviewing kena bridge of spirits literally sited uncharted and ghost of Tsuchima and said kena, an indie dev studio did a bad job on the Sony standard. So they got butchered on not being up to the standard of normal Sony games. It literally happened. Kena got little help from Sony and essentially made the game as a 15 person team, but got compared to the big dogs. You won't see those comparisons on forza or halo.

Army_of_Darkness687d ago (Edited 687d ago )

It always annoys me when reviewers dock points on a sequel for not being innovative enough... Like why? How come they can't just review it for what it is(probably, currently the best in its genre)? An improved version over all the previous literation! Why fix what ain't broken? It's funny cause these are the same people that will give a new cod or Mario kart a 10/10?! Psssh.. I'm a PlayStation only gamer but even I can admit that this game looks phenomenal!

Petebloodyonion686d ago

Well not to be picky but care to explain what's the difference between the old ratchet and Clank on Ps2 and the newest one aside from having a sub stage to warp in?

Now funny that Forza has introduced since the 1st version: driving anywhere instead of fix track, story mode, different event types, build your own event, design your car, rewind, etc.

But please tell us what's missing or what could be done to inovate the arcade racer genre.

686d ago
thesoftware730686d ago (Edited 686d ago )

Dark, don't you ever get tired.

Once in a while its ok to "give it a rest".. My gosh, you are like a broken record, with your constant downplaying of everything Xbox.

We get it, Sony is the best, PS5 is better than SX, MS dont have as many good exclusives as Sony.
Sony sells more, MS sells less. MS was even worst last gen and Sony dominated. MS makes the same 3 games over and over again, and Crackdown 3 was a joke, they hyped it for no reason.

Ok, please go rest yourself. Staying on N4G 24/7 spewing, gushing and worshipping your favorite box, cant be great for your mental state and you personal life. Sony will be fine if you take a day off.

kayoss686d ago

I mean the reviewer did give it a 8/10 score. Which is really good. I dont think he is bias, but maybe a little nick picking.

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PrinceAli687d ago

yes but that doesn't mean the game cant be judged for it.

darkrider687d ago

It's the problem with racers. It's difficult to not have that feeling

kayoss686d ago

I mean it the same with every damn Call of Duty game.

darkrider686d ago

Not really. There is a story and new modes. The patrol is really cool and hard. The biggest thing with this game is the 60 frames on consoles and better graphics. But it's just another racer. This type of game is really hard to make something new and fresh.

littletad687d ago

Too much racing in this racing game. Lack of innovation.

Bruh686d ago

Next time hopefully Playground puts in some action RPG elements for these reviewers

Gunstar75687d ago

Breaking News! ForzaHorizon6 will be a third person action adventure set in Birmingham. This is to appease critics who said the fifth in the series, which was a driving game, featuring cars and driving, was too similar to the previous games which also featured cars being driven.

UltimateRacer687d ago (Edited 687d ago )

It’s hard to reinvent a game like this, it’s the 5th in the series so it’s going to be familiar and perhaps a bit boring or stale in that sense but it is what it is.