Apex Legends More Than More Than 100M Players; Microtransactions Closing in on $1 Billion Annually

Apex Legends microtransactions are close to earning $1 billion a year for EA! More than 100 million players registered for the F2P battle royale.

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Magog75d ago

Until Zoomers and streamers find another game to use their parents credit cards on.

Jin_Sakai75d ago

I still remember when an Apex Developer got on Reddit and called gamers dicks, ass-hats, and freeloaders.

Obviously it’s gamers fault the game has disconnects, bugs galore, and is f2p.

excaliburps74d ago

That dev stopped interacting and with good reason. Most likely was given a good talking and to stop posting on Reddit.

gamesftw25074d ago

lmao right, some developers should not be speaking their mind on the internet.

TheColbertinator74d ago

No wonder Titanfall is not on the plate anymore. Good for Respawn at least since EA won't close their doors.

Snakeeater2574d ago

To bad for gamers who love off line games for real story’s and fun. To much cash use to buy useless avatar or dance.

MrChow66674d ago

Apex has plenty of story and you dont need to buy anything

giveyerheadawobble74d ago

Absolutely insane that a game that is free can rake in over a billion a year in revenue.

But sure, people will tell you "games are too expensive to make!". When they (EA and the rest) see these numbers, why the fuck do people expect other single player games to actually get made, or better yet, actually be any good anymore, when they'll want them all to pull these numbers and shove their atrocious "surprise mechanics" into the games themselves. A billion in profit. For a single videogame. Absurd money and profit.

Rachel_Alucard74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

There's this newer focus on making single player games for awards, merit, artistical achievement, and selling a console. The games themselves will sell a ton of units but obviously nothing like what a service title generates in revenue. Because the main revenue generated is pushed into mobile and service games now, so the console space is now sold on exclusives and artistical merit and good advertising for consoles rather then profit. Just for the record, Skyrim collectively only made $450 million in its life time since release, whereas Apex here just made double that in one year. It's no wonder companies keep pushing making 1 service game then running it for a decade.

giveyerheadawobble74d ago

Yeah, and therein lies the problem. They keep chasing that one golden goose that will continue to lay the eggs. It's just not feasible, but they'll do it. When you have one game as a service, the issue then becomes keeping the player base there. And if they are all doing the same thing, how can they all possibly keep the player base there long enough to rake it in? They can't. This is why we're constantly getting bombarded with shit like Marvels Avengers and Anthem. Doomed to fail from the outset, but developers spend years developing them so they've no other option to keep backing them up and other projects suffer. These mobile based designed as a service model games affect everything in the industry. Most people don't seem to grasp this, though.

Rachel_Alucard74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

What they fail to capitalize on with service titles, is that golden gooses are typically games that try to be interesting or a new experience without feeling bad to play. They focus too much on marketing and short term preorder new game hype and sit just magically expect people to bite the line. Like New World is entirely sold on marketing even though the game is objectively a terrible game. That's why it's playerbase dropped it so fast. There are plenty of studios out there that make games because they are paid to rather then wanting to, and it's obvious which ones it is because nobody agrees on anything in development or they just don't care enough so they do the bare minimum. This isn't exclusive to service titles of course. I mean, just looking at the differences between Dead rising 1 and 4 and you can see how jarring the differences are between the studios approach. I always find it's always a bad idea to hand off an established IP to a completely different studio because that new studio will have no idea why things were designed a specific way, or passion for the IP since it's not theirs.

AndrewM74d ago

I remember after this launched, so many people here wanted the game to fail, or KNEW it was going to fail...what you guys think now?

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