Gran Turismo 7 – Scapes (Behind The Scenes) | PS5, PS4

Imagine the possibilities of Scapes in Gran Turismo 7 through the power of PlayStation 5.

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Good-Smurf81d ago

The king of photo mode is back and better than ever.

italiangamer81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

The king and INVENTOR of photo mode I should add!

racer2281d ago

Looking forward to be playing this, not photo mode.

Good-Smurf81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

You should give it a try though I'm personally not much of a photo/scapes guy but then I realized 40 minutes flew by and I got obsessed setting up my shots that was on GT4.

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Magog81d ago

Stunning as ever. The commitment to quality across all modes is what sets Gran Turismo apart.

EazyC81d ago

I think it's their obsession with aesthetic, everything is just so artistically done. Sound effects, music, UI, the photo-mode... It all has this lovely classy feeling.

BenRC0181d ago

Shame.the gameplay dropped off a cliff after 4.

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