Yahoo Games dig into Warner Bros. gory action game, 300

Frank Miller's 300 is the latest comic snatched up by Hollywood and it's coming to a screen near you in March. And not just the big screen. With 300: March to Glory, you can enjoy your very own handheld god of war on the PSP's screen.

The comparisons to Sony's bloody action game are inevitable. 300: March to Glory and God of War are both games about powerful Spartans hacking and slashing their way to bigger and better powers. But there are some important differences. Firstly, 300 is drawn from the stylized world of Frank Miller's comic and director Zack Snyder's big screen adaptation.

The game's associate producer, Jeff Nachbaur, points out some unique elements of the graphics. "There are no sharp jagged edges. Everything has smooth clean lines. We wanted to keep that close to the film. It was kind of like creating a language." Even the color is based on the film, although within limits. The movie uses a method of processing that increases the contrast, desaturates the color, and then adds a sort of golden tint to everything. But whereas 300 the movie has an almost eerie monochromatic look, 300 the game is intentionally brighter to keep it more lively.

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MattyTM4903d ago

thats ridiculous this game would be insane on the 360... thats annoyed me now the film looks jaw dropping aswell..