Kombo's PlayStation Home Survival Guide

With Sony rolling out what looks to be the most ambitious online project this generation, it might have many in the Nation of PlayStation scratching their heads at what the service actually is. Think of us as your friendly neighbor, who's here to walk you through your new Home.

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Kamikze093597d ago

What's the age limit for home? Every time I try and go in it says I'm not old enough. Does anybody know if you can change your age on psn?

chaosatom3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

More likely 18 I think.

Try making a new sub account perhaps.

Cyber Gamer3597d ago

its 16 it say's it once u sign on and read then that's it for me no home lol i'll try later or give it a try 2moro

The gaming GOD3597d ago

If anyone wants to hang, the by all means PM me. And if by chance any of you have soul calibur, lBP, or MGS4......well you know where I'm going with that lol

Anyway, HAPPY HOME DAY EVERYONE! :) (yes I made today a holiday :) )

kewlkat0073597d ago

Pretty easy to get bored in this thing...All they keep showing is Twilight Trailer.

Hate the constant loading every where..Network errors left and right..

Socomer 19793597d ago

I think its amazing.

I never played second life or the sims & I'm glad because this is a first for me.
Incredible. Home & ps3 is a success ! Ps3 has outclassed everything done this generation.

1 of the many reasons I'm a ps3 only gamer.

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