Marvel’s Midnight Suns Delayed to Second Half of 2022

On a recent tweet by the Marvel's Midnight Suns twitter account, it has been confirmed that the game is delayed to the second half of 2022.

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anast76d ago

They have to rebalance because of the MTs...

Nakiro76d ago

I really want to like this game but I just can't get excited for the whole gold/black visual look they are going for. I'll still most likely give it a go once it's out but it just drains the whole personality out of those characters for me.

Snakeeater2576d ago

Do they think about reworking the game form ground up because it really look like garbage.
It might sell a bit because they added wolverine that make no sense story wise

sourOG76d ago

Less cards more xcom please.

Magog76d ago

Too late to stop this train.

sourOG76d ago

I know but a man can dream. I’ll buy it anyways lol

sourOG76d ago

Speaking of “more xcom” I bought this game called Disciples:liberation at launch and its f***ing great. Basic so far in the first chapters but fun. It has taken up the majority of my gaming time.

The design is kind of like a mobile game formula but it’s done really well without all of the bullshit. It would be a fun iPad game for sure, top 3 for me with darkest dungeon. I’ve had a blast so far, I recommend.

TheColbertinator75d ago

The combat looks great in the previews. Might give it a go this month.