Grand Theft Auto V Has Shipped Over 155 Million Units; Red Dead Redemption 2 at Over 39 Million

Andrew M writes: "Today Take-Two Interactive Software announced new sales numbers for Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2. Find out more inside."

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Knightofelemia75d ago

And people wonder why a game from 2013 is getting ported to next gen systems and is still being milked and why there is no GTA 6.

-Hermit-75d ago

It's more to do with the microtransactions than the actual sales of the game. This is one of the reasons why I hate microtransactions. Basically, if a company hits big with them, they dry up when it comes to releasing new content. If it wasn't for microtransactions, GTA 5 would have had story based DLC and GTA 6 would have been released by now.

jBlakeeper75d ago

Exactly. These companies are in it for the money and if you think they care about giving you new content your delusional. The microtransactions are giving them the profit they desire, so there is no reason to spend the time, money, or energy to put out something new right now.

CantThinkOfAUsername74d ago

Or it wouldn't have been released because you know there's this thing called Red Dead Redemption 2 that took 6 years of full production with 1,600-2,000 developers working on it, basically the combined workforce of Rockstar Studios.

CS775d ago

The real reason is that no other open world game comes close to the depth and complexity of GTA V.

jBlakeeper75d ago

Red Dead Redemption 2? I’d say that beats it in the depth and complexity department.

Yui_Suzumiya74d ago

Duke Nukem Forever did it much better

CS773d ago

@jBlakeeper I meant other than from Rockstar.
Basically they have no competition in the open world sphere.

Profchaos75d ago

Recent rumours point to GTA 6 being in a state of development hell it's being worked on but has been taken back to the drawing board a few times because it wasnt good enough.

ThePacemaker75d ago

This is the pure reason where there is NO GTA6 anytime soon.

PapaBop75d ago

I imagine GTA 6 is in full development. The success of 5 gave Rockstar the freedom to make RDR 2 as they wanted but GTA is their cashcow. How GTA Online's success will influence 6 remains to be seen but I imagine it will come this generation at least.

Traecy75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I read on PS Lifestyle that GTA VI was in a chaotic state & that it was 2020 when it finally went into production because it was scrapped so many times before. It states the game may not release until 2025. https://www.playstationlife...

VenomUK75d ago

I wonder what enhancements Rockstar will add to the PS6 release.

Hawk19866675d ago

I have no idea why people still play this. So boring and outdated.

Eidolon74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

It's fun but what killed it for me was the matchmaking/game-mode flow and load times. I think PS5/XBSS/X fixed load times? 60FPS 4K(Or at least solid smooth 30fps, almost no load times, and better matchmaking would make it a lot more enjoyable for me.

Yui_Suzumiya74d ago

That's the GTA series in a nutshell to me

Flawlessmic75d ago

RDR2 absolutely amazing game, hope the sales for that game keep going up!!!

Gta V on the other hand can crawl up into a ball and die!

CrimsonIdol75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

There are often times where buying a new copy of GTA 5 with the included online in-game currency costs less than buying the in-game currency stand alone. This I imagine counts for artificially inflating a pretty substantial amount of sales by all those whales hooked on GTAO. I don't think RDR2 is ever going to compete with that given it's lack of online success (by comparison). Still, 39 million copies for RDR2 on a single console generation is nothing to sneeze at

Traecy75d ago

That's really impressive but I still haven't bought GTAV.

GameZenith75d ago

Just wait for the remaster on the PS6 in about 7 years.

Soc575d ago

Neither has my dad or my uncle, so what?

NeoGamer23274d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I probably won't buy it til it's more mature. Maybe when it is revamped PS6 and Next XB. /s

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