Nintendo Unsure Of Wii Availability For The Holidays

A senior Nintendo of America official says that demand for the Wii may once again outstrip supply during the runup to Christmas. However, the official says that U.S. supplies are up 50% over the same period last year.

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DrRage773595d ago

is it just me, or does nintendo come out every holiday season and make it well known that there may be "shortages" in order to generate a frenzy for their system and make sure it is sold out? i think it's clever marketing rather than real shortages...they are creating a massive frenzy for their console by suggesting to people that they are short on supply, so the people that were on the fence about buying one for their kids are now going to run out and buy one before they are gone...clever on nintendo's part. i don't see how they can have a shortage every year when they see what the demand is...both sony and microsoft have been able to ramp up production to meet demand, yet nintendo decides to keep production steady in order to have a shortage when they know demand will outstrip their supply?? doesn't make sense

ChickeyCantor3595d ago

But then again, there already is so much demand for it, that they could make millions and millions of consoles and they would sell out before Christmas.
Creating a frenzy, I don't know, it seems they don't need it...after 2 years and still going strong?...

BeNice3595d ago

Sony and microsoft don't have that kind of demand.Nintendo has satated they manufacture 2.4 millions wiis a month.The shortages considering their demand is real.Nintendo can't just open a new factory and manufacture more wii's.It costs them a lot of money if that is unnecassary. SOny and microsft haven't had to manufacture as many consoles ever.The ps2 in it sbest moth sold 1.3 million units.Nintendo also has to manufacture ds's which they sold 1.57 million units of.

Look at the facts before you slam them and make up nonsense about shortages.

Captain_Sony3595d ago

You know Nintendo sold 3.7million units last month alone between the Wii and the DS.. SOny never saw that kind of demand with PS2. There is no high demand for the 360 or the PS3 at this moment so no need to ramp up production when you only sell 400k..It's amazing how clueless some people can be... Anyone who can look at recent sales numbers and think they are creating false demand has to have some serious mental issues...

steveg25643595d ago

@ DrRage77

They're averaging almost 3/4 million units sold per month. How many units are Sony and Microsoft manufacturing per month? How much more did it cost each of those companies to ramp up production to meet demand when they had to? What was each of their high water marks for manufacturing during the year?

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LokMessier3595d ago

Eh that picture and title seem to match and make it seem funny XD, I gotta say though if Nintendo doesn't know they know they can always count on those who bought the Wii and got bored of it. They will find it in Ebay of course though :3.

steveg25643595d ago

You can also find the PS3 and 360 on e-bay as well. It looks like people get bored of all consoles.

LokMessier3595d ago

Yep, sad really I don't see how people can just sell a console. For me I can never do it after I've bought it.