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Lone Echo II boldly crafts a stunning and near-perfect space sim, but repetition and lack of replay value aren't enough to pass on Oculus' last Rift exclusive.

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Neonridr929d ago

Lone Echo was a fabulous VR title.


The 7 Best Looking VR Games

In this article you’ll find titles highlighting the best-looking games from across the board. Playable across a variety of VR headsets, including PC VR, PSVR/PSVR 2 and Meta Quest 2.

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Babadook7323d ago

Can’t argue with this list.

giovonni323d ago

From the looks of it this article ain’t lying. I’ve played horizon, the others I’m going to have to give it a try on my Metta.

Phoenix76323d ago

Just brought Red Matter 2 and yeah, I'd agree 1 of the best looking vr games out there


Lone Echo 2 Review - IGN

I’m a service robot drifting through an abandoned space station. My superior is chattering in my ear trying to set up the stakes of the story, but I’m too busy to listen because I’m playing with a toothbrush. After batting it around in zero-gravity like an impatient cat, I use my finger to prod the button in the centre and – to my delight – my palm starts buzzing like a fridge. Moments like this speak to the strengths and weaknesses of Lone Echo 2: Ready at Dawn’s latest is a stunning virtual reality game with an incredible level of detail, but there’s very little substance to either the gameplay or the story.

nishanth123938d ago

This is a shitty review. Great game tho


Review: Lone Echo II | VRFocus

VRFocus says: "There’s a lot to love and get engrossed in as it’s so immersive, the real criticism comes from the fact that Lone Echo II plays everything a little too safe. The experience doesn’t break any new ground and it really could’ve done with some greater challenges thrown in. On the other hand, it was engrossing until the very end, easily the standout AAA VR experience of 2021."

Magog950d ago

A shame it's stuck on Facebook hardware. This studio could and should have been working on The Order 2 instead of Facebook games.