November NPD: Wii Sells Over 2 Million Units

The NPD Group has published its video game software and hardware sales figures for November. See the full listing of figures below.

PlayStation 2 206K
PlayStation 3 378K
PSP 421K
Xbox 360 836K
Wii 2.04mil
Nintendo DS 1.57mil

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LightningPS3PS33600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Yes they got outsold more than 2-1, but this is Microsoft's time, they went for it all, cutting price for the next year or 2. They are selling consoles but making a alot less profit.

On the other hand, Blu ray is just now starting to get accepted. And Sony has options for price in 2009. The PS3 is going to be around for a long time and it's going to be a very complete console with demand for some of it's advantages just beginning.

I don't know but the increase in popularity by blu ray is giving me some hope that PS3 will be alright in the long run, getting outsold by around 2-1 is not the end of the world.

I could be crazy but feel PS3 and Sony are making the deeper cut somehow, while Microsoft just went for $199 and cheaper prices to peak right now.

You gotta think in the long run of things. Even Microsoft wants this gen to last longer than 5 years, because introducing a new console is a B*tch, you're introducing new technology and it's hard on the wallet, you gotta loose money at first to price it competitively. Once a console is established, it just milks the profit like the PS2 did for many years. So, you gotta think that Microsoft wants to establish the 360 and now make profit from it for more than 1 year or 2.

meepmoopmeep3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )


(ths one is reserved as well)

EDIT: this one was too easy for poor Breakfast
you've lost your suave, man. i guess i'm losing minez too


season0073600d ago

Or maybe i will just leave it like this

Silellak3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Interesting. All this really proves is that:

1. The 'console war' is alive and well, both consoles have a long life ahead of them and this is good thing for ALL gamers.

2. The Wii and DS continue to sell in an entirely different league than any of their competitors.

3. The 360 continues to prove it is, if nothing else, a 3rd-party-game powerhouse. Companies won't stop bringing their games to this console for a long, long time.

4. Per #1, it's a damn good time to be a gamer.

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Genesis53600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Sony did alright. 1 million Playstation units sold. I think they'll be happy to see that.

Nintendo 3.5 million units(Wii, DS) sold. Now that is impressive.

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fakeplasticlung3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Told you LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2 weren't system sellers.

SuperM3600d ago

Here we go. flamesuits on. Troll food is on the table

Silellak3600d ago

They won't be very happy to see that all of their products sold less in November '08 than November '07.

I'm not saying that as a "LOL, SONY SUX" comment, I am honestly shocked that all of their hardware did that poorly. Maybe if hardware sales for everyone had dropped, it could be blamed on the economy, but Sony was the only one it happened to.

SuperM3600d ago

And to all the people that are going to complain about PS3 software sales. In the US 360 has twice as many consoles sold, ofcourse its going to sell more software. Europe and Japan is a different story.

The numbers doesnt look very good for the PS3, but im not too concerned. All they need is a price cut and they will be back on track. They have the hardware needed to be in for the long run.

Homicide3600d ago

Whoa, the PS3 got pwned.

callahan093600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Decided to move it to the open zone.

mint royale3600d ago

Theres not many left now. At the height of its popularity the ps2 managed 1.3 million in november. Nintendo has broken that record with 2 consoles in the same month! Say what you like about nintendo but who'd have thought it.

Congrats nintendo on your victory this generation.

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Edge Maverick3600d ago

Who truly knows if their consoles are profitable, if they're happy with their sales, if the numbers are meeting forecasts or if they're gonna cut their console's lives short, hmmm?

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Not fanboy A, fanboy B or C

Also, not VGChartz, not Patcher, not, Micrsoft and Nintendo.

Are Nintendo and Microsoft's sales impressive? INDEED. Is Sony's terrible? In comparison, maybe, but maybe they're good to Sony.

Maybe pushing a videogame brand, an entertainment format (blu-ray) and an online merchandise service (playstation store) at nearly 400,000 units a month is what they want? Do we really know without working for, or hearing from Sony? NOPE.

Stop pretending to be analysts. I'm an accounting/business grad and I have no right to bother trying so neither do you 15 year old fanboys, alright?

meepmoopmeep3600d ago

Sony "Our sales were poor because we had supply issues"

oh wait... that one was taken already


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TheDude2dot03600d ago

This is completely pathetic. Who cares so much about sales? Why do people get excited when good games don't sell much?

What is wrong with you people?

Bitter Tears3600d ago

I don't see how ANYONE say that the PS3 isn't doing bad...

First off, many people in the Microsoft doubled PS3 sales in November are definately not here. They're hiding off.

Second, this is the PS3 sales in November in 2007 AND 2008.

Nov. 2007 / Nov 2008 = Differential
Playstation 3: 466K / 378K = -88K
Playstation 2: 496K / 206K = -290K
PSP: 567K / 421K = -146K

Ok, rationally thinking, how the hell does the PS3 manage to sell less this year than last year? Tell me. MGS4, LBP, R2, Valkyrie Chronicles, HOME are out, you name it, people have said this is the Year of the PS3.

LittleBigPlanet didn't even chart in the Top 10...
Left 4 Dead on the 360 outsold Resistance 2 in a smaller time frame.
CoD:WaW 360 outsold the PS3 version almost 3:1

Things are looking dire for Sony, I'm not even going to rub this in the face of anybody here. Price drop has to be soon, or I can't see any year being the "Year of the PS3" this generation.


hazeblaze3600d ago

Yea, this is really crazy... the Wii & 360 had a crazy good month. While the PS3 didn't do bad by normal standards, I'm sure Sony is going to be disappointed with its holiday numbers. I expect their price cut to come early next year... and they may need to come back with another one for Holiday 09!

acedoh3600d ago

This is incredible. The economic news that seems to come everyday is negative. I hear about layoffs everyday and the videogame industry is flying high. It's great to see videogames have become such a mainstream hobby. I only believe this trend will continue to get better as consoles get more and more affordable and accepted by the public...

Bodhi3600d ago

Sweet Lord, I was off by so many miles that it was amazing. I was being overly optimistic for the PS3 so I wouldn't get hounded by people here for underestimating the PS3. Looks like I OVERestimated the PS3.

My god, LittleBigPlanet didn't even chart.


Killzone 2 is coming up,if that bombs, I don't see how any exclusive game on the PS3 would be profitable for the developers... It's already expensive enough to develop on the PS3. Killzone 2 better be marketed out because it'd be around 4 years out the window on that game.

Wii is godlike like normal.

cmrbe3600d ago

reason why the PS3 did less than last years number is because of the economy and also last year the price of the PS3 was cut therefore had a higher impact.

I know some of you are saying why the economy is not affecting other consoles yes thats true but remeber that the x360 is 100 cheaper than last year compare to the PS3 which is still priced the same during these tough financial times therefore most will pick up the more affordable consoles.

Before the financial crisis the PS3 was selling consistently better than the x360.

Either way the fact that sales have slum compare to last year must be a worry for Sony. Lets wait for their official response.

Danja3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

well I guess I was proven wrong ehh ? I bought the game on launch day been enjoying for over a month now..I thought sales would have picked up in November since it was released 4 just 4 day n October..

ne ways props to M$ they did a good job and there sales prove it...

Nintendo sales are just outta this world didn't expect the Wii to sell this much.

Sony really needs to get more aggressive with there Marketing , this is pathetic , a price cut would have done wonders for them on Black Friday and this christmas...

The economy is a major factor also : a $400 systems or a $199 system which are ppl gonna choose ?..

CrazzyMan3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )


Yet, this gen doesn`t end with 2008. =)

There will be:

And PS3 will have 199-299$ or even lower price during that time. 7 GREAT gaming years ahead. :)
The crisis will end, the sales will go up. While GREAT games will be coming year by year. =)

Sarcasm3600d ago

Not too surprised here. At black Friday I saw 360 arcades flying off the shelves, but with a stack of PS3s still there.

Looks like Price triumphs over Value yet again.
360 > PS3

And Gimmick, triumphs over Price and Value as usual.

Wii > 360/PS3

Dannagar3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )


It doesn't seem like Sony put much effort into their PS3 marketing. I think the $500 unit comes with Uncharted but why didn't they make their $400 more attractive? Sony could have packed in two free games like Microsoft! Why not release a white version of the PS3, maybe a limited edition (300k units or so). Sony really just sat on their a$$es. They did nothing to help boost their sales.

RememberThe3573600d ago

If they did it would have been out already. David Jaffe said it best when he said that you don't put new IP's in the holiday season.

Look at all the new IP's that are out now. Most didn't sell. They got squeezed out by older more established IP's.

LBP should have been saved for late spring. Sony should have focused on completing Socom and should of had their holiday line up be MotorStorm, R2, and Socom(finished). These are all established franchises that sell well.

Instead Sony botched the LBP launch, and killed it's momentum. On top of that they didn't try to make up any ground with advertising.

It looks like Sony is cutting it's losses this holiday and has focused on 2009. It's really too bad, because on paper Sony had a killer line up this holiday season...

mint royale3600d ago

It has sold by far the most and has a bright future.

Is it gimmick because its graphics aren't as good? In that case was the ps2 a gimmick. It was by far the least powerful console last gen but I didn't see all these complaints. It looks like you have a long way to go on the 7 steps. How about taking 1 step - towards acceptance.

Also I personally don't see the ps3 sales as the worst news for sony- the decreases in the ps2 and psp sales are more worrying as these are consoles that shouldn't be affected by the recession.

Sarcasm3600d ago

"How is the wii a gimmick"

Believe it or not, but Sales does not mean the product is Good.

I personally like my console or tech to Advance, and yes I'm talking about graphics, 7.1 sound, blu-ray, etc. In which the 360 delivers on the graphics and games, and the PS3 delivers on all fronts.

The Wii offers none of those features for my hard earned $$$$. All it does is change the use from analog sticks to waggling.

mint royale3600d ago

your opinion doesn't equal fact.

There are other ways to enhance an experience from generation to generation and just because you prefer prettier graphics (which i'm not arguing against) doesn't mean the wii is a gimmick. As you can see from teh sales there are many happy people out there that enjoy the system. Nintendo won this generation but that doesn't mean that people can't prefer other consoles. Hell I prefered the Gamecube over the ps2 last gen but was it as successful? no!

Again, well done Nintendo! :)

DarK-SilV3600d ago

Sony needs to release another new cheap Ps3, no Wi-Fi, 2 USB, 20 Gig, no card slots, no dual shock

TheDude2dot03600d ago

The Wii does not deserve these great sales. A system with barely any fun games and outdated technology is beating consoles that have substance. It's being rewarded for doing less.

This will definitely affect the next gen consoles and might even cause MS and Sony to create horrible machines like this.

I have a Wii and it is collecting dust. It has horrible online and few truly good games. I can only survive on Brawl for so long.

Soren the Cat3600d ago

beautifully stated, good points

(i feel the need to point out intelligent, thoughtful posts amid the sea of rabid fanboyism on this site)

Product3600d ago


Raptors3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

What's disturbing most is that sales are down from last year.
Several points people should consider and I'm sorry to say it but alot of people have been in denial because of their choice in console. I own both a 360 and ps3 so I don't carry a bias to either.
Here are some points you may want to consider:

1) If Sony is to catch MS, I think it's safe to say that it won't happen until 2010 and possibly even 2011.

2) There are people on this site who overhype the heck out of games and while they may be good, are not astronomically better than people make them out to be. LBP and Resistance were both solid titles, but based on some ppl on this site you guys treat them like they're gifts from God.

3) Alot of people underestimate how many people bought the ps3 as a blu ray player rather than a gaming machine. Especially now that there are blu ray players cheaper than the ps3, people can buy a stand alone player instead.

4) Hate it or not COD4, Gears of War and Halo are good games. Just as good as LBP, Resistance and other titles. Just because they're not on your console of choice or exclusive doesn't mean they're overrated.

Once the ps3 drops price they'll see a healthy increase in consoles sold. But for now with so much uncertainty in the economy, there's a system that has alot of the same games as the ps3 and is $200 cheaper. As a parent which one are you going to choose?
There's blu ray players now cheaper than the ps3. As an AV freak, which one are you going to choose?
Im not ripping the ps3, Im just trying to give some of you a reality check. For too long some of you on this site talk reckless and not consider alot of things.

Product3600d ago

Raptor great post.......more posts should be this informative and ill agree on all your statments.

gamesmaster3600d ago

the thing is sony as business wont see this s 360 out selling ps3 more than 2:1, theys see it as playstion brand prducts selling ovr 1 million units and for sony gaming divieision thats all that mtters, i think thats why sony have been sitting on their hands for so long, if the brand as a whole is selling well why drop the price of a part of the picture if the picture is selling at profit.

this is why microsoft talk sh!t on playstion and co, they have 1 product on independant gaming market so 836k console is everything mS gaming business corp have to offer thier share holders, where as sony gaming corp has over 1 million, if you think sony are sad about this whole debicle you are wrong. people discredit the psp and ps2 but they are the reason sony shareholders are happy. sony as a business see the playstion brand as a whole because they\re products accross the board represent thier whole stock. this is sh!t for ps3 not for sony as business!! recognise this.

congrats to sony for such good sales and even more to nintendo for reclaiming is console crown.

TheTwelve3600d ago

How you sell 2 million Wiis?

That is retarded amazing.

What baffles me the most is that I still don't want one. I mean, sheesh, what am I missing?


prowiew3600d ago

2 million!!! Thats unbeleivable. One surprise is call of duty selling almost equally than gears on 360. I was not expecting that.

Rhoic3600d ago

Xbox 360:


Playstation 3:




fishd3600d ago

US Hardware Sales in 2007

Xbox 360 4.62 million(7.3 mil worldwide) 2.74 mil rest of the world
PlayStation 3 2.56 million (8.83 mil worldwide) 6.27 mil rest of the world

360 outsold PS3 by 2 mil in US but
PS3 outsold 360 by 1.5 mil Worldwide

Jan-Nov 2007,US : X360 = 3,359,100 [][][][][] PS3 = 1,758,800 gap = 1,600,000
Jan-Nov 2008,US : X360 = 3,229,000 [][][][][] PS3 = 2,819,000 gap = 410,000

So,MS,just to do AS GOOD AS 2007(outselling PS3 by a 2 mil margin in US),need to sell 1,590,000 more console than Sony in

Dec,just to do AS GOOD AS 2007 in US.And you know what happened in 2007?Even though MS sold 2 mil more console than Sony in

US,Sony sold 1.5 mil console more than MS 'Worldwide'.

*wait until the end of the year just like last year for official numbers from Sony and MS*

cherrypie3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

"In the long run, not too bad for PS3"

Is there **ANY AMOUNT OF HORRIBLE NEWS** for the PS3 that you SDF tools wont spin as "good"?

Where is LBP? I'll bet you were one of the SDF saying "oh, LBP didnt have a good showing, but it will have long legs!". Well, it is O-F-F-I-C-I-A-L: LBP is a flop. Where did it go? Totally off fell off the charts.

FFS, the biggest PS3 game of the month, Resistance 2 barely posted.

My prediction: There wont be a single PS3 game on the Top 10 list for December. Zero.

And, the Xbox 360 will beat the PS3 a solid 3:1. And the Wii, well, Nintendo will sell 2-4M in Dec.

@Silellak said:
"The 'console war' is alive and well, both consoles have a long life ahead of them and this is good thing for ALL gamers."

Yes, the war is alive and well between the Wii and the Xbox 360.

The PS3 is not in the race. Are you people even _READING_ the article? GIVE IT A REST. THE PS3 has a mediocre future ahead. GET USED TO IT. Nothing has changed, the PS3 is *WELL* back in 3rd.

Mini Mario3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

"Believe it or not, but Sales does not mean the product is Good.

I personally like my console or tech to Advance, and yes I'm talking about graphics, 7.1 sound, blu-ray, etc. In which the 360 delivers on the graphics and games, and the PS3 delivers on all fronts.

The Wii offers none of those features for my hard earned $$$$. All it does is change the use from analog sticks to waggling."

Yeh there must be ALOT of suckers out there. If ur so into graphics why not get into PC gaming (u know where the best graphics and online are). Id much prefer playing an RTS on my high end PC. I remember when counterstrike and battlefield were the best FPS's around. The ps2 ported some of them and looked like crap in comparison...but did that stop ppl from buying it (even tho some of the games ported were old as well)....>>>>>& amp; amp; gt; No.

I remember when the ps2 ported warcraft, even on an old ass computer it looked better (and supported more AI).

My nes never played VHS and my snes never made Waffles so dont give me this crap bout "blu Ray", i mean i play "video games" to play video games. Blu rays are way cheaper and soon they will be so cheap u will be able to buy them at "dollar and cents" type stores. So really who cares, wil u remember the ps2 for its games (like god of war and tekken), or for how u can play dvds on it....which no 1 cares about now anyway.

Mini Mario3600d ago

Im surprised u havent got more disagrees. I mean ppl that make good comments with both - thought and truth, like yours usually get more disagrees. Altho its still early days.

But good comment. Some ppl will still spin and spin until they fall, ...but that'll never stop lol

cherrypie3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Put a fork in 'er, she's done.

The Killer3600d ago

well it was expected, 360 now is half the price of ps3!!
ps3 is expansive and COD5 took over the sales of R2 thats a sad fact!!
also sony is not doing enough advertising, they should since they dont want to lower the ps3 price at least they should spend money on advertising!!

360 and wii took over USA!! i personally think that for the next 3 years the over all install base for all consoles will be

1: wii miles away in the marathon
2: 360 is miles behind wii
3: ps3 is very close to 360 and maybe will take the second place
(this is for north america only)

in europe and japan
1: wii some kilo meters away
2: ps3
3: some kilo meters behind the ps3

in over all it will be something like

after 5 years i have no idea, but for sure 360 will be last!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3599d ago

Can't believe the 'xBox 360' still hasn't outsold the 'Wii' yet in the US? 3 Months it's been cheaper? Strange that. I'd be worried if i was MicroSoft.
PS3 done well for it's price tho;) I'm happy;)

Sarcasm3599d ago

"your opinion doesn't equal fact. "

Hence, why I said "Personally." I did not state my opinion as Fact, but as an obvious personal preference.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3599d ago

There is a $199 Blu-ray player at Costco. How is the`PS3 supposed to compete with that?

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TheHater3600d ago

The Wii is a beast. I was expecting around 1.5 million or so. but dam.

Drealmcc0y3600d ago

I bet Sony Execs are crying in there sleep.
PS3 is the biggest flop of a console in gaming history

Drealmcc0y3600d ago

Gears 2: 1.5Mill
R2: 350K

Gears 2 owns R2 right guys!



Wii: appealing to the casual audience.
360: appealing to the hardcore audience.

skharadi3600d ago

add all how much sony sold

PlayStation 2 206K
PlayStation 3 378K
PSP 421K

= 1.05 mil

PoSTedUP3600d ago

nice, ps3= 378K at 400-500$, thats outstanding.

CrazzyMan3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

No matter what PS3 sales will be, it`s STILL getting:

KillZone 2
Yakuza 3
Heavy Rain
Gran Turismo 5
Final Fantasy XIII:versus
White Knight Chronicles
God of War 3
Uncharted 2
Quantum Theory
Final Fantasy XIII
Demon`s Soul
Resident Evil 5
Tekken 6
Ico 3
Heavenly Sword 2

it won`t be like GC or xbox last gen, PS3 STILL will have MANY GREAT AA games.

It may not be great in sales, but as GAMING console - PS3 is a GREAT machine. :)
With MGS4, LBP, R2, M:PR, VC and games above PS3 will NEVER be a flop - EAT THAT. =))

earwax3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

You SDF Douche............PS3=FLOP "ohhhhhhh wait for NPD sales, VGZ $uck...........well the ONLY thing that $sucks IS the PS3 *BREAK*

To above.......90% of those games I NEVER even heard of!!! I have a PS3 and IF and thats a big IF KZ2 can break an 8 I will buy it but....That game wont sell $hit at the end of the day. You have a Modern day Dreamcast my friend

kingfury3600d ago

How about you shut your modern day ass up.

AWBrawler3599d ago

Funny. I said this all last gen with my "Lamecube" as you guys called it, Now the shoe seem to be on the other foot with the Gaystation 3.

Had to be said. They came up with the names not me.

ravinshield3599d ago

thats just sad even left 4 dead sold more than highly anticipated gears of war killer resistance 2, that tell u that playstation girls dont buy games.

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Chicken Chaser3600d ago

Oh my Gawd ..LOL ..This Thread id going to be EPIC!!

pav23233600d ago

Would everyone please stop using the term "EPIC"!!! Don't use G4 TV to keep up with your geek lingo.

Dannagar3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Good Lord, this is "EPIC!"

McDaygo3600d ago

The Dark Epic Returns, Forgetting Sara Epic, When Harry Met Epic.

green3600d ago

WTF!! 2 million consoles.I am no analyst but i can guess that no console has ever done that before.