Prince of Persia Retail Copies DRM-free, Says Ubisoft

Shacknews writes,
"The retail PC version of Ubisoft's Prince of Persia, released to stores this week, is entirely devoid of any DRM or copy-protection code according to Ubisoft community manager Chris "UbiRazz" Easton."

PC gamers have often complained about restrictive DRM schemes used in games such as Spore and Far Cry 2. Ubisoft is experimenting with having no DRM used at all in Prince of Persia. Hopefully, this will drive more gamers to purchase the game.

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I Call 9MM3597d ago

It's funny how the download version has DRM but the retail disc does not? Oh well, will be picking this one up from futureshop tommorrow. Thank you Ubisoft. Hopefully, if this goes well they will release some patches that strip the DRM off of all the other games I already bought from them.