Iwata's Quest: help sell Dragon Quest IX

Let's be clear: Square Enix will have no trouble whatsoever selling Dragon Quest IX in Japan. In the west, where Final Fantasy is a far bigger name than its stable-mate, huge sales are by no means guaranteed. That's something Satoru Iwata wants to change, and if that means teaming up with Square Enix to promote the game in not-Japan, so be it.

"At Nintendo, we were able to popularize the Brain Age series overseas, which was said to be unmarketable," the Nintendo boss told the assembled press after yesterday's Square Enix conference. "I want to increase the number of people worldwide that understand the appeal of Dragon Quest."

Iwata added that he is keen to "form a strong tag team" with Square Enix to achieve this, and mentioned that he was looking forward to working with the publisher and Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii. Does this mean Nintendo is definitely going to be pouring some of its own resources into pushing DQIX outside Japan? It's not official, but we can't think of many better partners to help sell your game than Nintendo! Make the jump for Iwata's full comment.

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DA_SHREDDER3602d ago

Where is their ps3 support? Also, look how Squeenix has been milking every game they have in the library. Im not gonna buy, or support a game that is already destined to failure. Every Dragon Warrior they made after 5 has been an epic failure. Also, why the heck did they even change the name from Dragon Warrior to Dragon Quest? I think they are going through an Identity crisis.

wanderofys3602d ago

Except every Dragon Quest after 5 has been fantastic, especially 6 and 7.

It's always been Dragon Quest in Japan. Personally, I like the name being what it's actually supposed to be.

As for PS3, this article had nothing to do with it and that was just more BS fanboyism. I own a PS3 myself and would like some more support, but I don't see why they should sacrifice their Nintendo support for it.