Resident Evil VII Passes 10 Million Sales, It Is Outselling Resident Evil Village On a Monthly Basis

Capcom updated their platinum titles section, which among other things includes Resident Evil VII sales numbers. And according to their latest update, RE VII passed the 10 million mark. This means that the game became the second Capcom title to sell more than 10 million copies. While Monster Hunter World is still the first.

While Resident Evil VII was quite controversial among hardcore fans of the IP, the strong sales numbers just prove that Capcom was right to switch to the first-person perspective. And the game still sells like hotcakes. Capcom reports that it sold 400k copies this last quarter.

This is bewildering considering that Resident Evil Village sold 300k copies. Similarly, Resident Evil 2 Remake also sold 300k copies. The newer entries into the franchise just cannot catch up to the 2017 smash hit.

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whitbyfox200d ago

7 is better than 8. Glad the numbers reflect this.

It might make Capcom reel in the action and bring the horror back.

SullysCigar200d ago

7 is is still one of the best games in VR. It takes the scare factor to another level, along with the amazing atmosphere. It wasn't perfect, as the PS4 struggled in places, but you can bet your bottom dollar they'll patch for PS5 in time for the launch of PSVR2.

If anyone has yet to play this game, do yourself a favour and hold off for that patch. You're in for a treat!

Dirty_Lemons200d ago

So many people won't ever experience that in VR and it's the only true way in my opinion. It's utterly emersive and doesn't rely on you moving around or anything. Plus that poker game was utterly terrifying.

Neonridr200d ago

I just hope we get full motion controls and not just head tracking the next time around.

whitbyfox200d ago

Yep the first time I experienced VR was at my friend’s house and it was Resi 7 that I played.

Went out and got PSVR the next day.

Levii_92200d ago

Yes it is a better game but RE8 is still very good. It's so replayable and gorgeous i've grown to love it a lot. There's also much more content in RE8 it's longer and we still didn't even get the DLC ! Also the bosses and enemies are on another level compared to RE7 (even though RE7 had some fantastic boss fights).

whitbyfox200d ago

Yeah Resi 8 is still a great game can’t deny that hopefully they release a PSVR 2 patch.

Levii_92200d ago

I honestly only care about the upcoming story DLC. I think it's going to be amazing and scary.

babadivad200d ago

I didn't really like 7. Gave me motion sickness and the strength of the enemies didn't make sense to me. I suppose I will give it another shot since it's recommended so highly. I didn't play 8 because of 7. Maybe if Village pops up on GamePass I will try it before I jump back into 7(I bought this day one).

n1kki6200d ago

REsident evil is also $20 and village is $50. So overall revenue goes to village. That said, I do think 7 is WAY better. But lets see how village sells when it eventually hits $20. Price point matters.

SenorFartCushion199d ago

Or it’ll make them embrace the live service model of game

199d ago
JustSomeGuy94198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

You also have to realize the numbers reflect the fact that 7 has been out 4 years longer, It's really not necessarily a measure of popularity.

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galgor200d ago

That's because 7 is so much better than 8. Great story, setting, and scares. Whereas 8 had a good setting but the story was rubbish and the whole thing too linear and easy.

roadkillers200d ago


I thought the story in 8 was very good. While 7 was stripped to the basics with the fungus from a crashed Umbrella ship in Louisana, 8 pushed that idea farther to include the origins.

Neonridr200d ago


I felt 8 was fantastic during the castle and even in the doll makers house. Beyond that the game turned more RE4 and wasn't really scary anymore.

jeromeface199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

and this right here is why I still don't understand the love for 4. While the series did need to move on from tank controls imo 4 was two or three steps beyond in the wrong direction.

roadkillers199d ago


It wasn't only a reinvention for RE, but gaming overall. The "over the shoulder" camera was introduced. If you look at the whole gaming genre before RE4 and after, there was a huge change in perspective. Games like MGS were still fixed camera (fixed camera was changed in MGS3, but over the should introduced in MGS4).

Games such as Gears, MGS, and even GTA followed suit. No more aiming while the camera was 15ft away.

Although, I wouldn't put them as reputable, but WatchMojo can help shed more light:

Levii_92200d ago

I agree that 7 is better but as for everything else .. man i don't know how you got all that lol, the game isn't linear and not easy.. play it on hardcore and explore everything.

Levii_92200d ago

@REDGUM His taste in Resident Evil games. I bet he's one of those ''fans'' that screams everytime iT ISnT ReSiDenT EviL iF it'S FPS ! And if it isn't ancient fixed camera and tank controls from 30 years ago. 🤡

TheRealTedCruz200d ago


There was a kid on here back when lashing out at the positivity had for 7 hard.
It wasn't a "true" Resident Evil experience it was first person.
Then I brought up how removed 5, and even 4, was from the series prior. Then the utter travesty that was 6.
Simply stated 7 was a breath of fresh air, with them finally returning to the true horror undertones of the originals, and with the same design philosophy as the past games, just done differently.

But it still just came down to being 1st person to them.
Some people are ridiculous.

slowgamer200d ago

I wish revelations would come back.

ZeekQuattro200d ago

When Capcom got hacked and had its secrets dumped online there was code for a timed exclusive RE title that remains unannounced. There might be hope for a new one yet.

Stonilein199d ago

Played the one on the ship on ps4 was nothing special

slowgamer199d ago

Well it was originally a psp game, also the games have too little variety on enemies but Rev 2 is pretty good. (although originally it was released in episodes) People should try it. Those games Raid mode is fun.

Stonilein195d ago

maybe i should try Rev2 out

slowgamer195d ago

I wouldn't think you have to pay a lot in some sale. Don't expect to be wowed by graphics but it's decent and the game is solid. At least I had fun. =D

war boy200d ago

This is cool and all but re2 remake was better than Re7. The Cut scenes that you couldn’t skip in Re7 made it a chore to replay, especially the mundane enemy designs, Kinda wish they put more effort into the re3 remake.

Nebaku200d ago

"Says 7 has mundane enemy designs....praises RE2 which objectively is 90% mundane, zombified humans".

MocBistro199d ago Show
jeromeface199d ago

I wish they'd do code veronica next....

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