Why do we love Metal Gear Solid's Shadow Moses facility?

Metal Gear Solid's Shadow Moses facility location and how it has come to occupy such a revered place in the history of great video game settings.

The space is a triumph of both level design and in creating an atmosphere of narrative realism and intrigue.

Given how small the actual playing area is, how has Hideo Kojima and his team managed to achieve such a sense of scale and deliver so many different meanings?

What is it about the facility that stands the test of time and has been so influential for other designers?

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porkChop76d ago

"The space is a triumph of both level design and in creating an atmosphere of narrative realism and intrigue."

Pretty much. Shadow Moses wasn't very big when you think about it, but its space was used wisely.

Shane Kim76d ago

It wasn't? I thought it took forever to finish. Anyways, my personal best game that has ever been made.

TallDarknWavy75d ago

That's partially due to the best storytelling ever in gaming, certainly the best ever from Kojima at least.

porkChop75d ago

I can agree with that. The storytelling was near flawless.

Ready4nxtgen76d ago

Such a epic game. Glad I was younger amd had time for gaming than. Now it's all this tiktok BS lol.

LucasRuinedChildhood75d ago

First game I ever owned. My parents weren't sure I really like gaming so they got me a second hand PS1 and I picked this game. It made me love and see what games could be.

It wasn't until the PS2 that I felt I was playing games in the same league as it.

MrTopRamen74d ago

shadow Moses set the atmosphere for players really well. Even to this day, we still want a remake. Looking back, that was one of the last games Hideo Kojima actually utilized an in door setting. MGS 3, MGS 4, and Death Stranding was mainly outdoors. I wonder of Kojima was tired of indoor gameplay.